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Sunday 15 September 2013

Red Scorpions Predator

I've got a predator done to add to my scorpions, unfortunately I hadn't got all the parts so to make it different from the other tanks in the army I used different dozer blades, I like this idea as it also makes sense as to why it's av13 as agaisnt a rhino that is only av11.

On another note after been away last week I got to pict up the new marine codex yesterday, this to be honest left me with mixed feeling as the marine player in me is really happy with how you can make a lot of different fluffy armies, where as the chaos player in me can only see how great the codex could have been.

Ah well you can't win them all lol, I'll need at some time sit down & try to make a list up for the scorpions but first I need to try to get some more painted up for NWG which is now less then two weeks away


Thanks for spending the time chatching up I hope it was worth your while.


  1. Nice work Frank. Can't agree more with the Marine Codex. It's what CSM should have been.

  2. At less they got something right Lenny but we can only hope they do some cool stuff for chaos suppletments