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Thursday 5 September 2013

Red Scorpions Dread & pod

With NWG at the end of the month there's not much time left for working on this army, but as I won't be playing it not to bad as I can just take what ever I've got painted up without haven to worry about if it's a use able army.

Anyway the news addition to the Red Scorpions is a dreadnought & drop pod

Once again |I've another first as I'd never painted a drop pod before, for someone who been playing marines as long as I have there seems to be a lot of things is this army that I'd never painted before.

I went for the older kit out on the dread of assault cannon & close combat weapon, somehow a dread without a close combat weapon never seems right to me to be honest & will I've used daka dreads before I always thought they look better with the close combat weapon.

As it's a metal dread I magnetised the arms but at the moment these two are the only ones I've got done.

With the new marine codex out at the weekend I feel I'm at a stage where I now have enough done to use them in a game if I wish either as the main force or as allies, but in all honesty it's unlikely they'll get an outing before NWG.

As I've already said this is the first drop pod I've painted & I've got to say I found it to be quite a big model to paint even with the inners left out but I'm happy with the way it turn out.

So thanks for drop (podding) in & keep an eye on the blog for more Scorpions updates as we get nearer to NWG.