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Thursday 23 November 2017

Two PA Leagues & Talking Solo

I'm going to start this post back to front from the title,yes there will be some pictures of models but the talking comes first :) I want to talk about playing solo or more to the point playing Pulp Alley solo.
Now not all games are suitable for playing solo but luckily enough for me PA is, one really big advantage solo playing has is when it comes  to campaigns, I don't know about you guys but I've lost count of how many campaigns if taken part in that never finished for one reason or another doing a solo one means that if it doesn't finish you've only yourself to blame. :)

So I've decided I want to do a PA solo campaign, I've 3 of the 4 campaign books for PA (soon to be all 4) but I'm going to do the Perilous island one first, not because I think its any better then the others but because at this point in time it suits the terrain & models that I have best, another great thing about playing solo if like me your lucky enough to a table you can leave set up is you can play out the game over time, this a great help when your taking pictures & or notes to do an AAR on the game.

Another thing I'am interested in is league development & that's something that only happens over a long period, it also creates a history for the character as they go through many adventure's together, yes you heard right I said many adventure's together, my plan is for one of these leagues to play out many a campaign.

I've created two new leagues that will be taking part in this campaign & although you play both when playing solo only one of them is really yours & that is the one that I'll will be using over many campaigns but that's not to say I've no interest in the other league & how they develop  as they could always pop up here or there along the way, there is also one character in the other league that I've a special interest in.
I know what you guys are like so here's a picture of the Society of the Blue Blooded league to keep you going :) 
 Now where was I? ah yes I've just played scenario 2 Finial Flight, I set up the table one evening though the week & played out the game over a couple of hours on Saturday & Sunday, (easy to do when playing solo) so the first film (AAR) is back from the editors & will be show here shortly while filming of the second one is complete, anyway I think I've waffled on for long enough & hope I've giving you guys some food for thought on solo gaming, sorry for yet more thoughts Major :)

One more thing before I start on the leagues, I feel that lately my AAR's have not been showing enough of what is going on from the game point of view, eg a character could go down & from the story end of things I might put he hit his head on a branch while running but that doesn't inform you from the game side of things what happen, so I'm going to try & give a bit more input on the game side of things, this should I hope be more apparent  from the second scenario on.

Right on with the leagues & I'll start with the one above Society of the Blue Blooded, these are I hope your British stiff upper lip kind of guys, these will be my league the good guys.
Delbert Collins A well travelled  adventurer who has gotten out of many a tight corner  in his day & along with Lord Forbes A founding member of the Society of the Blue Blooded
Name Delbert Collins
Leader Health  d10 Brawl 3d10 Shoot 3d10 Dodge 3d10 Might 2d8 Finesse 3d10 Cunning 2d10
Extraordinary, Athletic, Hardened Veteran
Grace Simms, a real English Rose but don't let that fool you as every Rose has its thorn 
Name Grace Simms   
Sidekick Health d8  Brawl 2d6 Shoot 3d8  Dodge 2d8 Might 2d6  Finesse 3d8  Cunning  3d6
Burst Fire, Quick-Shot
James Dowl , comes from a circus family were he horned his skills with guns doing trick shots, if he shoots at something & misses it because he meant to. 
Name James Dowl   
Alley Health d6  Brawl 1d6 Shoot 3d6  Dodge 1d6 Might 1d6  Finesse 1d6  Cunning  2d6
Cliff Moore, the fix it man of the Society.
Name Cliff Moore
Alley Health d6  Brawl 1d6 Shoot 1d6   Dodge 1d6 Might 2d6  Finesse 1d6  Cunning  2d6
Blue Blooded League Perks, Daredevil Adventures.
The bad guys,  Germans aka bots
Captain Hess, has an uncle high up in the party.

Name Captain Hess
Leader Health d10 Brawl 3d10 Shoot 3d10 Dodge 2d10 Might 2d8 Finesse 3d8 Cunning 3d10
Danger Sense
Code name Helga, there's not many living that know much about this fair haired lady.
Name Helga
Sidekick Health d8 Brawl 2d6 Shoot 3d8 Dodge 3d6 Might 2d6  Finesse 2d8 Cunning  3d8              Abilities 
Herr Gloup of the Gestapo, enough said.
Name Herr Gloup   
Ally Health d6 Brawl 1d6 Shoot 2d6  Dodge 1d6 Might 1d6 Finesse 1d6 Cunning  2d6
Brown, will always follow orders.
Name Brown
Alley Health d6 Brawl 2d6 Shoot 3d6  Dodge 1d6 Might 1d6 Finesse 1d6 Cunning 1d6
Abilities Marksman

Fritz, will always follow orders
Name Fritz
Alley Health d6 Brawl 1d6 Shoot 3d6 Dodge 1d6 Might 1d6 Finesse 2d6 Cunning 1d6
Abilities Marksman

Muller will always follower orders 
Name Muller
Alley Health d6 Brawl 1d6 Shoot 2d6  Dodge 2d6 Might 1d6 Finesse 1d6 Cunning 1d6
Abilities Blast
German League Perks, Eagle-Eyed Troopers
That's a rap, as always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would welcomed : )


  1. The ability to play solo is one of the things that drew me to Pulp Alley (as well as the simplicity of the rules and the versatility). I look forward to your reports! And hope to have more reports of my own soon-ish. I hope to do an ongoing campaign, too.

    1. Thanks Fitz, they are two of the things that make PA the game I enjoy most, that & how well it works with narratives :) do you have a blog mate ? if so throw me a link & I'll stick it on here, if not be sure to let me know where & when you post your AAR's.

    2. I do have a blog, but you don't need to post the link if you don't want. It's
      Mostly lots of pictures of miniatures I have painted over the years, the occasional (few and far between) game report, and other odds and ends as they come up. I only have one Pulp Alley game/report in (so far). Not very detailed at all.

    3. Have you added Fitz I'll pop over & have a look later.

  2. I love the ease of Pulp Alley's character creation system too - you can set up a league very quickly if time's pressing, but there's so much scope for what you can do that it's also very easy to find yourself perusing the ability lists for ages.

    A fine preview viewing - I look forward to the first full-length feature!

    1. Thanks Idle, yep so simple & yet so hard as like you said there is so much to choose from :) what I try to do is think what kind of character I want the model & is there any thing on the model that I can use eg: Grace's model has a bottle grenade hanging from her belt (not seen in her picture) so I gave her bust fire which is a 3" blast, I also approach league perks in the same way, so the Blue Blood have an adventure perk while the German been made up of mostly of soldiers have a perk that adds to there shooting.

  3. Brilliant Frank! Looking forward to seeing everything develop. Big fan of the PA solo deck, can't wait to see the first chapter of the story :)

    1. Thanks Ivor, yes the solo deck is a wonderful thing, you won't have to wait to long mate as it's been ready to post for over a week, I just needed to do this post first :)