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Friday, 17 November 2017

Pull over a chair

Ah there you are, please pull over a chair & get comfortable, I've wanted to do this post for awhile so for better or worse here it is.
Those of you that come to my blog regularly might have noticed that over the summer I stopped posting, this even lead to a mate of mine who now lives over sea's sanding me an email to ask was I ok, thanks mate you know who you are.

Anyway there was a couple of reason for things been quite here, it was summer :) but I guess the main reason was the little gaming group I use to play boardgames  & cardgames with once a week came to an end just coming into summer which also happened to be just as GW where releasing 8th ed 40K, now while I don't mind playing 40k it doesn't inspire as it once did & as I'd a lot of work to do to get my Sisters of Battle fit for the table top it wasn't something I wanted to blog about, so to help me getting through get them ready I also had to stop visiting all of your wonderful blogs as I knew that if I didn't I would never have gotten through all of that work as it would have turned my head to other things, so now you know anyway if you haven't got up & left your seat by now there are a couple of other things I want to talk about :)
Buildings, now these can be as plane as simple as the one above or of a grand design but one thing that most type of buildings will have is windows & for me at least can be the hardest thing to get right, the one above not so much as that kind of building in nothing more then a little ope.
Above is the first window I did that got me thinking of how to finish a window for a building that nothing on the inside of it, this was when I thought up the clear plastic with black card idea, pay no mind to the crappy sign writhing :)
The church was to throw up another problem in what to do with the window as I didn't want it to be stained glass
to solve the problem I went for a little wire mesh & just sprayed it a dark brown.
When I did the manor house I just went with the clear plastic & black card something I've regretted ever since, as if you look at the building beside it where I sprayed  the backing card half cream you get what looks like a little roller blind, this has lead me to think of lots of different ways I could finish windows.
How about just having the curtains drawn ? another idea might be to use little pictures from magazines say for shop windows, anyway I'm sure by now you guys are getting the point.
Anyhow while were still on buildings something else I wanted to hit on was signs, as nothing tells you what a building is like a sign, simple to do as its just a piece of printed out paper behind a strip of clear plastic mounted on a thin piece of balsa wood with a little frame around it.
Remember I said I wanted to be able use the manor as different things ?
The sign is removable as it just stuck on with blue tack, also I don't put them on bases as this allows me to put them in different settings, the buildings do have bases but there inside them.
 Just before I finish I want to kind of go back to the start if I may, taking time out in the summer  gave me sometime to reflex on where I want to go & do hobby wise this includes blogging as I see the two as one & the same, kind of like a horse & carriage sort of thing.

Looking back I think I was making to many pointless posts like the ones on what models I just bought & then again when I'd painted them, as I've said on here more then once I've no great painting skills, so going forward I'll just do be doing things like the Heart stone of Africa, Pulp Alley AAR's, leagues, a little chat post like this one, an odd on location & hopefully not to many when a shoot goes wrong kind of post :)

So you guys won't get to see much until they hit the big scene kind of thing but if you see a model you like & would like to know where I got it or know how I did something then just pop it in the comments & I'l be more then happy to let you know & talking about comments, I reply to them all but sometimes I forget to put it in the reply to yours so if your using a notification on replies you might thing I didn't but if you pop back over you'll find I did :)   

That's a rap, as always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcomed & yes even replied to :)


  1. My friend, I don't think there are ever pointless posts! :) I think the biggest thing is to remember to write a post for you first - that's what I'm trying to do now. It's a record of your hobby journey. Some people want to share every step (buying a new figure or building), others just major accomplishments.
    I love to share what ideas and plans I have, but a lot of the time I do feel frustrated because ultimately I don't follow through to a completion or it takes forever for me to get back into that mindset and work on it again (I'm afraid to go back through all my old posts to see just exactly how many of those there are), but that's all part of the journey - especially a creative journey.
    I'm rambling, but I love all your posts and it's been a blast to tag along :)

    1. I replied Ivor but forgot to hit the reply first please see below :)

  2. Well thank you very much Ivor, first off I hope I didn't offend anyone who does post picture of what new model they have just got or painted as that would never be my intention, but what I really want to do is make it worth people's while coming here & it can be hard to know why people come to your blog, now if people do want to see the latest model I just got or painted then I'm more then happy to do a post of them :)

    As you know it takes time to do a post, be it pictures of new models an AAR or just continue a story, it also take peoples time to come & see what you posted, this is why peoples feed back is so important as it lets us know what they like to see.

    While I'd be happy if my blog grows its not as important to me as knowing that people are enjoying it, if all I was interested in was numbers I'd get more from doing posts on 40k then on what I do now, I guess what I'm trying to say in my own badly worded way is I want people to enjoy seen what I'm doing & not thing I'm just putting out posts to get hits if that makes sense.

    Once again Ivor thanks for you comment & for your support :)

  3. On the subject of pointless posts, I think it subjective. What I like about this blog and many others is not the painting or the AARs (although I enjoy both) it's the obvious work that's going in to it and the enjoyment you obviously get from it. A lot of the time blogging is like shouting from a tall building on a windy day - you don't know who hears you, but from my perspective I don't find any post pointless as you are talking about a hobby you feel very passionate about. I sometimes feel everyone else's blog is better than mine as they have better ideas or painted models and such, but then I realise that every blog enriches the hobby as a whole. So what I'm really saying is; blog often or seldom, just enjoy what you're doing.