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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Chapter 4, In the night

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The start of this story can be found here

The next day passed with nothing of note, Connie & Taylor where amazed at how much Boswel new of the land & of the animals that lived on it, if they where unsure of what the name was of anything they seen they only to ask him to find out what it was.

On the night of the following day there was an incident, what happened was this.

After the evening meal Brown headed out of the camp to do his nightly business before  retiring to his tent.

"Growl roar roar" "Arr"

Around the campfire the first to react was Boswel, grabbing a burning stick out of the fire & then his rifle he ran in the direction that Brown had taken, quickly followed by Taylor, Dufour & Connie, Weber & Maud remained at the fire.
A trashing noise lead Boswel who covered the ground at speed as sure footed as any  gazelle.
When he got to the scene a big male lion had Brown on the ground mauling him.
Even been the crack shot that he was firing at the lion for fear of hitting Brown wasn't something he could risk, so instead he discharged the weapon twice into the air.

This had the desired effect as the sharp crack spooked the lion who took flight but not quickly enough & just as the other's came up along side him Boswel fire once more bring an end to the lion's life.

Brown:" Moan moan"
Connie,Taylor & Dufour went to his side while Boswel went over to the lion to make sure it was dead.

Connie:"Easy Jim it's ok now we'll get you back to camp & fix you up"
Brown:" Moan"
Taylor:" He's in Bad shape Jean/Paul were going to need something to carry him on to get him back to the camp.

Boswel:"Let me see him, Connie will you hold up this torch please, Jean/Paul, Taylor get two strong branch's & fix one of the tents to them, I'll try & stop the bleeding.

5 minute's later they returned with the home made stretcher "How is he ?" they both asked as one.
Connie:"Marco & I got the bleeding stopped but he's been very badly mauled"

Boswel:" The young lady was a great help, but I fear he's going into shock we need to get him back to camp & keep him warm by the fire.

Easing Brown onto the stretcher the 4 of them carried him back to the campsite in silence, when they got there Weber & Maud where standing by the fire & Weber had a pistol in his hand, they built up the fire but not out of any foreknowledge but from fear.

Boswel:"Weber gather up all the blankets quickly" he barked.

Weber didn't much like been spoken to like that but did as he  told with Maud's help.

Laying  Brown (who was shivering like a leaf in the breeze) by the fire they covered him with the blankets & took it in turns to stay with him through the night & as the night faded away so to did poor Brown & a half hour after sunrise he was dead.

Maud:"Are you just going to leave him like you did the other poor soul ?" ask Maud nastily

Connie, who had to use all his willpower not to slap  her across the face "What a horrible thing to say Maud"

Dufour:"How far do you think it is to the Missionary Marco ? as I'd like to take his body with us if we could"
Boswel:"On our own & leaving everything that we don't need here behind us, I was hoping that we'd reach it just before night fall, it's not terrible far but there's some rough ground to cross, it would be next to impossible to take him with us I'm sorry to say"

Defour:"I see, then we'll give him a quick burial here & set off, I want to get the rest of you back before anyone else loses their life.
With heavy hearts they laid poor Brown to rest & after a few words from Dufour gathered up what they were to take with them for what they hoped would be the last day of the trek to the missionary.

As always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to be a film critic your comments would be welcomed :)


  1. Fabulous fun, obviously not for Brown though! Loved the shots through the forest, very atmospheric.

    1. Thanks Michael, glad you enjoyed it unlike Brown :) I was happy with most of the shots but disappointed with the one of Brown by the camp fire.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Preacher, apart from the one of Brown by the fire I was happy with how then came out.

  3. Great stuff Frank! Poor Brown ends up in the ground - your lion attack brought back memories of the movie "The Ghost In The Darkness" :)

    1. Thanks Ivor, yes poor Brown R.I.P, good to hear that as it means I must be doing something right:) I've not seen that movie in a long time.

  4. Good report and pictures! RIP, poor Brown. Hard luck, old chap.

    Did you game this out, or is it more a matter of creating the story and deciding what happens yourself?

    1. Thanks Fitz, this is all story based, so I guess you could say that I murdered Brown :)

  5. I had the same question as FB, what rules?
    Answered... MY RULES, he dies!

    Great story, engaging. I'm enjoying things so far.

    1. Thanks Will, rules are so over rated don't you think ? :)
      Glad your enjoying it mate.