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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Spies Like Us, Pulp Ally AAR

Somewhere in Southern Italy 1942.
Top secrets documents have been stolen from the regional head quarters of the 3rd Reich forces, & although the culprit has been captured & shot for his troubles the document have not been recovered.
Our hero's hooray 
Edmond  Simmons  of  British Intelligence who was to receive the documents from the dead man is trying to locate them with the help of the local resistance.
Our bad guys boo
Charged with the recovery of the documents is SS Sturmbannfuher Hessler.
Acting on a tip off The Germans arrive at the small village of Rossa.
At the same moment as Simmons & his aids.
As Germans begin their search their sniper takes to a roof top to cover the main square.
While Simmons & the resistance go about their business without trying to draw attention to themselves.
But the Germans are on high alert.
Its not long until the bullets start flying & the first to fall is the sniper.
While Simmons take a flesh wound.
This has got the villagers  jumpy & as Hessler approaches a local he gets a smack of a broom for his troubles.
 Fr Michael  gets talking to the local artist, but mustn't be asking the right question.
Roberto makes his way to the fountain & takes a shot at Hessler,
 while Maria is in a shoot out with one of the goons.
A squad question the Blacksmith
& not liking his answers rough him up a bit.
The artist has loss his temper with the good Father & knocked him from his feet.
 Things aren't getting any better for Hessler either as the old man continues to beat on him with the broom.
Maria puts an end to the German behind the vegetation.
Hearing the priest cry out Simmons walks over to the artist, perhaps a gun pointed at him might loosen his tongue a bit.
Alright I'll talk he says as the Fr Michael gets back to his feet, two nights ago I noticed a man out the back of my house, that's all I know he tells them.
before going back into his home.
Roberto is covering the gap between the two buildings on the other side of the square, while one of the Germans has gotten behind the wall at the front of the building on his right unseen.
A squad of Germans run through the gap & Roberto opens fire,
but he's out gunned & goes down in a hail of bullets.
Back on his feet the Blacksmith come's up behind the last member of the squad &
given him what for with a blow from his hammer.
The rest of the squad react &
the big Smithy back away claiming he didn't do anything.
Before turning & running off around the building jumping the wall at the front to come up behind a lone German.
Hearing movement behind him, the German turns opening fire before the Blacksmith can swing at him.
Maria, having already laid two of the Germans to rest, is involved in another shoot out.
Sending him the same way as his comrades.
Hessler finally draws his gun & under treat of death the old man stops beating on him & tells him there was some guy around the back of the church a couple of tonight ago that seemed to be up to something.
Maria heads back to search some crates she'd noticed earlier, while Simmons & the priest want to take a look at some sacks that a big dog seems to have taken an interest in as well.
With no fire coming their way the Germans start to make their way across the square.
But Maria isn't done yet.
Simmons gets around by the dog to reach the sacks,
but as Fr Michael tries the same the big dog turns & pounces knocking him from his feet.
Maria & a German with a machine gun exchange fire,
adding another kill to her list as she dives behind the planter box taking a flesh wound.
Simmons having found the documents hidden among the sacks,
with a second sense he seems to have been born with, turns as the squad of Germans are coming up behind him & drops 3 of them, taken his second flesh wound of the day, but nothing that's not all in a days work while serving King & Country.
To no avail Hessler goes over to the basket & sack at the back of the church,
but what hes looking for has already been found & his mission to recover the documents is far from over.
Cut, cries out the director bringing filming to an end.
Designers note, its that long since I played a game of Pulp Alley that I'd nearly forgotten how enjoyable it is even when playing solo, I created two new leagues for the game with most of the models used making their debut.

The game played was The trail of clues from the Pulp Alley rulebook & went a lot smoother for Simmons league then I though it would as the cards & some poor dice rolls played hell on the Germans, that the luck of the draw I guess.

For those of you that not nothing of Pulp Alley here a link to some video's Dave the owner of the game has put.

Once again my thanks to Alan for the lovely paint job he did on the Germans & as always my thanks to you for dropping in & if you'd care to be a move critic your comments would be welcome.


  1. Nice battle. How many Germans did Maria and Simmons take out? They seemed particularly devastating to the Nazi's.

    A second question, did the Germans have one or two Squads/Gangs?

    I agree with the Pulp Alley comment. I get away from it, but every time I come back, I get a good game.

  2. Thanks Will, Maria had a field day & if I remember rightly killed 4, I think Simmons only killed the 3 at the end which was part of the squad/gang, of which there was just the one.

    The Germans just couldn't make any kind of a saving roll to well save their lives lol.

  3. Love your photos. Well done.

    THANKS for playing and sharing Pulp Alley!

    1. Thanks Dave, & no need to thank me for playing such a wonderful game.

  4. Another great report!

    Did the villagers (artist, old man, smith, dog) represent plot points?

    1. Thanks Fitz, the game played was trail of clues which starts with on 2 minor plot points on the table, the artist & the old man with the broom, then when clear a plot point you add an you place another.

      I changed some of the rules a little if I remember rightly, the dog was a roaming perilous area while Smithy was a member of Simmons league, the questions you asked are the kind of things I was talking about in my reply to your comment in the other post, trying to make it clear to people reading it what is happen from the gaming point of view.

      I think people that know Pulp Alley well would be able to follow whats happening but some of the people that follow my blog have never played Pulp Alley, once again thanks for the feed back & please keep asking the questions as they are a huge help to me. :)