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Sunday 18 December 2016

2016 review

With 2016 all most at an end I thought it might be time for a little review of the year, there will be two more post after this one before the years end meaning that their will have been a total of 76 post which is only two short of my best year which was 78 in 2013 & had it not been for the dip in May & June which only had 6 posts between them I most likely would have best that number.

Any way on with the show as they said, Back in January I was trying out my new camera & looking into using back drops among other things, back drop would be something I would use later on in the year like in the photo below.
 Among other thing's happening in January was the building of mud-huts & a little trip to the warroom to take part in a Frostgrave tournament, on the downside was the last minute cancellation of an INQ28 event in Warcon that had me out of pocket through no fault of my own, numbers of posts 7.

February  GW was getting me excited for some reason which I can't remember, February closed with a wallop in the shape of the Blood for the Blood God PA AAR, this was to be our last multi-player game of PA something I must get around to fixing.
 Not the busies of month's with only 5 post, but what a delight the big bad boy above was to use in PA.

March we had the elections in Tricol, below the new Governor Von Bittner
I also painted some Ork's & took part in the sector six campaign, 8 posts.

April & I was trying to figure what guard had in 40K these day's
 the sector six campaign came to an end, as did my leader Schwarzaber in the final battle, 5 posts

May seen me build my mount Rushmore piece of terrain
colour coded was also done as away of trying to keep track on over 200 ig, 4 posts

June the real low point for posts, but I was looking at the joy of renegade guard

& doing up my Brocon list, a disappointing 2 posts

July  took me to Brocon for my first 40K tournament in a long time
It also my last game of 40K as the DA tried shooting the big thing, 8 posts

August work continued on the inside of the Severed Head

I went solo in PA for the first time, posts 8

September was to bring a change in the Laws to Tricol, that was to lead to a lot of trouble
& a couple of new leauges where done up for PA, posts 8

October I was adding the finishing touchs to the Severed Head
fittingly it ended with Spook Alley, posts 8

November had a jailbreak
& as well as the Manor Hall seen the comet of the Preacher, posts 7

December had strange things going on in the Manor
& as well as going on location we headed down to the river, posts 6 I hope.

It's been a strange year over all as it started well took a dip in the middle & finished strong, I've really gotten my hobby mojo back & look forward to what I hope might be my best year yet on if it wasn't for one's, so that's another year just down the well
as always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcomed.