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Sunday 4 December 2016

Tricol, Strange happenings at the Manor, Pulp Alley AAR

Arriving at the old abandoned Manor it didn't take long for them to force the old front doors open, stepping inside Igor asked what are we looking for here Tech-priest ? I'm not sure replied Darrow but some powerful force has lead us here for what I'm sure is a good reason.
In the gloomy half light of the boarded up old house they set about their task, but even beyond the reek of damp & decay Darrow could sense that something was not quite right here, search around & see what you can find he order.
Out of the shadows a faceless man appeared in one of the doorways & opened fire on Number 2
   Knocking the servitor from his feet, at the same time an odd sound could be heard as a clank clank across the floorboards.
Darrow knocked over a candle-holder that was sitting on a shelf in the hall & a load click reverberated through out the old house, at the same time while searching around in another room Number 1 witnessed what appeared to at first nothing more then a pile of old rags materialise out of tin air.
 Somewhere deep inside what was left of his once human brain was held in horror by what had just transpired.
 Darrow couldn't help feeling that for what was an abandoned house it was getting very crowed as a fierce looking beastman came into his view.
Fighting was now breaking out all over the house it seemed, this was not at all what the Tech-priest had expected when he entered the old hall, time to use my phase vest to get to one of the other rooms he though.
But not before he upended a masked cultist, with a quick blow from his power axe.
 Number 1 moved back into the hallway but the entity just came after him, what it was or what it wanted he no idea but he knew he didn't like it.
 Phasing back into reality Darrow noticed a warp of some kind on the floor, picking it up & opening it he found it held all kind of keys.
 In a different room Number 3 found a little strongbox sitting on the floor & tried opening it
 It must have been magnetically locked & an electric discharge knocked him from his feet.
One of the faceless man attempted to rush Darrow but the Tech-priest was able to keep him at bay with his long axe.
  Not so Number 1 who found himself rid of the strange thing in robes but now engaged with this faceless form.
The robed thing seemed to have found a new toy in the shape of one of the cultist's
 In the hallway what could only be described as an insane mod burst it way in through the window,
& rushed into the room where Number 3 was.
Darrow noticing something over at the fireplace went to investigate
but couldn't figure out what he need to do & he'd no time to think as another mod poured in one of the window's in the room.
 Whatever he'd come here to find he wasn't the only one looking for it that's for sure
& before he knew where he was the mob was upon him, giving time he might have fought them off.
However a couple of explosions sent flames licking up the walls it was time to be gong, snatching an open notebook from the mantle-place Darrow forced his way through the mob & out the front door followed by his crew.

Inside one of the faceless ones removed something from the fire place before making his escape out one of the window, as the fire engulfed the old Manor rising high into the sky.

Designer's note, well that was a very different game of PA & one that I think is a hard nut to crack as you don't know which of the PP's is the major one & it take 3 turn's at the least to complete it, but that said it's a fun & challenging adventure.

I'm fond of saying what could possible go wrong ? well for this game I guess everything, when I rolled on the random event's table I rolled a 5 which meant that from the start of turn 4 one insane mob entered the manor each turn as well as what ever servants turned up that turn.

The second PP I solved turned out to be the ghost, this meant the ghost was in play from turn 2 & when I did find the major PP Darrow failed the challenge on what is his best skill, I mean 3 4+'s in not much to ask for on 4 D10 now is it ? lol

Darrow's league is a new one I've done up & I'll do a post on it soon, playing inside the manor I think worked well & came across in the way that I think Dave planed when he came up with the scenario.

Well that's for this post & as always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcomed.


  1. Fantastic! THANKS for posting.

    Yes, I have to admit that the Haunted Manor may be one of the more difficult scenarios to complete. Personally, I enjoy hard scenarios so I am glad you had fun.

    Within the contaxt of a good old pulp story/serial - it is fairly common for the baddies to come out on top in their intitial meeting - so here's hoping you have better luck in Cairo!


    Pulp Alley

  2. Thanks Dave, & tbh I did get the feeling that was meant to be the case, as they say you can't win them all lol

  3. Wow!
    Money quote:
    " Darrow couldn't help feeling that for what was an abandoned house it was getting very crowded ..."

    The half-space marine was great and the action was non-stop.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Thanks Will, Dave vert cleverly design the game so that it plays that way, all I could think of when playing it out was when the cultist's attack the house in one of the mummy movie's lol.