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Wednesday 13 April 2016

40K Renegade tank's

It's been long & many a day since I done anything for this army but I do have some models tanks that I got with the intention of adding to it so I made a start, now as everybody & his dog in this hobby know's the hardest thing about going back to an army is matching thing up paint wise.

Step one pick a tank

Step two chaos stuff

Step three more chaos stuff

But that's jumping a head a bit a the first thing I need to do was to bring a bit of chaos to things, by that I mean just add some stuff to the vehicle to you know make it look like it's changed size's kind of thing.
Step four pick out stuff

Step five add stuff

Step six try to paint it

With that much done it was time for the moment of truth could I paint  the same way ? you see apart from colours changing people's style of painting change over the years & this army first came to been before this blog even started.

The chimera in the middle was painted when the army was first done as was the turret on the russ, clicking on the photo might help as the light in not helping to show things well. 
As you can see the colour's are close enough, the turret was at the time I built the army use as a gun emplacement but GW have since brought out a model for them, plus it never sat right with me that this army hadn't got a russ, the fact that the turret is not the right one please's me no end, as in this kind of army it feels right.

Well that it as always my tanks for dropping in & if you care to leave a comment it would be welcome.


  1. Welcome back Frank :-) Those tanks are looking great! What made you choose renegades?

    1. Thanks Marc, I was always drawn to the ruins powers mate, the Vrak's IA book was why.