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Thursday 10 December 2015

Tricol, Washed up, A Pulp Alley AAR

If your new here welcome & here's a link back to the start of the story

Jack was surprised to find that he & the crew where not the only passengers on board the Storm Runner, Captain Kandahar's response when asked about this was, as your all going to the same place it didn't make seance to turn down the extra credits.

Kanadahar did however get Jack & Adele to agree to a truce for as long as they where on his ship something Jack believed would have been impossible if the other passengers had have been the Bash Street gang & despite all that had gone before Jack found that he couldn't hold a dislike for Adele Blanc-Sec.

Jack woke with a start it feel like something had rock the whole boat, the next second alarm bells where ringing out all over the boat something had exploded in the engine-room & the ship was going under fast, so fast in fact that there wasn't even time to launch the lifeboats it was every man for himself.
All a long the water's edge the two groups are taking in their surroundings.
Looking back out to sea Adele notice's what can only be a boat's mast sticking out of the water beside a large bolder, straining her eye's she make's out a dark shadow below the surface that can only be some kind of boat.
Shooting & yelling brakes out as the truce comes to an end, with each group thinking that the other one must have been behind the explosion that sank the ship. 
Jack & his trusty hound Mr Smith engage some of the Severed head guys  
Father Felix join's in & knocks mad Willie to the ground before suffering the same faith himself
Lucinda comes across some a tub of some kind & removing the lid see's what looks like a soupy goo  
Oilskin lines up a shot at Pop's
Knocking him off his feet
Olsan is now having a look at the tub trying to guess what the stuff inside is & gets blind sided by X4Y
Looks like Jack & Mr Smith have done a job on Maggie, but Numbers seems to have gotten out of Dodge
Adele starts swimming out to the wreck  
& comes under fire from the shore
Mean while mad Willie regains his feet
A lot of one's but what does it mean ?
Right it seems that Lucinda can't hit the side of a barn 
Mr Smith leaps for Willie
& they both join Felix on the sand
Looks like Olsan's a better shot then lucinda as he down's X4Y with his pump shotgun
The Doc finds a crate & try's to shoo away some rats
Oilskin goes to investigate Sevo-skull but some little thing else is also interested  
& attack's Oilskin
Adele reach her goal, that's definitely a boat down there she think's & dive's down for a better look
Jack catches up to numbers how is trying to talk to what appears to be a native beastman  
While Adele is down exploring the wreck the surfaces erupts & a terrifying sound puts fear into all that hear it  
Fear or not X4Y rush's Olsan
As Lucinda thinks it might be a good idea to get away from the waters edge 
& pumps some lead into Willie who she'd noticed coming up behind Jack
Jack rush's Number's but the little fellow is nimble & Jack can't land a good blow, the beastman just carries on fishing
Mr Smith comes to Olsan's aid
But X4Y is quick & lash's out  knocking Mr Smith off his feet
It does however give Olsan a chance to move out of the way
not far enough & its a double ko
Adele after finding what looks to be part of a notebook swims back to the surfaces 
& is set upon by the terror, would make a nice bag & matching boots if I can kill this thing she thinks to herself as she tries to fight it off
Which she does only to notice that she's has swam out to sea instead of near the beach 
Back on his feet once more mad Willie heads for Olsan who is still guarding the tub 
& in the battle of the shotguns it looks as if the shield was the difference 
He's behind you
To late as Olsan's world goes dark
Adele is nearing the beach but can she get there in time
Looks like she did
Down at the other end the action continues
All this over a tub of some goo 
It's mine
No it's mine
Seen Numbers dive into the water the beastman fallow's as Jack watches from the shore not sure if he wants to go in with that thing in there
Looks like Adele didn't make it far enough up the beach & the terror snaps at her again
Hurt Adele fights on like the hero that she is
X4Y just will not give up on the goo that Olsan is insisting is his
Lucinda move towards Jack & says we need to get hold of that beastman as his knowledge of the island could be invaluable you'll have to go in after him, have you seen what is in that water ? replies Jack  
Jack takes the plunge & lands a right hook on numbers sending him below the waves, now to try to get this lad to get out of the water before that thing finishes Adele & come this way for desert things Jack
The battle of the goo goes on
Is this the end ? thankfully no as Adele brakes free & gets to safety with the papers she found on the boat, will they be worth it ?
Designer's note, Well that was a blast of a game I must say, the mission was the lagoon of terror from the PA Perilous island book, but before I go a couple of things I like to add, I had made up a couple of pieces to form a lagoon but I mustn't have shaken the dark stain enough or at all as when I went to set up the table these where a lot lighter in colour so I had to just go with a beach instead, another think is I believe I should have had a larger area of water as the distant from the shore to the wrack was maybe not enough.

The game end with the Severed Head guys holding the major plot point (3pts) while the crew of the the Hermes ended the game with two minor plot points (2pts), for those fallowing the story the beastmen found here on the island in in fact a native of Tricol & is brown in colour unlike the beastman that attacked Dunmarn who came to Tricol on board Imperil ships & are red in colour.

Well that's it for me, my thanks to Paddy for the game ( & for helping out with the xmas decorations ) & as always my thanks to you for dropping in & if you want to know what other terrors await our hero's on the perilous island be sure to keep an eye on the blog.

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