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Tuesday 9 June 2015

Tricol Customs, A Pulp Ally AAR

Upon hearing the bridge door open Jack turned around & asked well Doc how are the patients ? Felix is fine nothing more then a few cuts & bruises ( may start hidden ), with Mr Smith its a bit worse as he took a really bad blow to the head & may have a bit of concussion ( -1 to a random skill )

Now would you care to enlighten me as to your plans & have you any idea why there should be so many weapons stored at an asteroid mining base enquired Doc Neddle  ?
The first part of your question I can answer easy enough Doc, sooner or later some ships are going to come to bring supplies & bring back what ever it is their mining out here, when that happens I hope to just join their convoy & head to one of those planets , the second part I've no idea about but would guess its something illegal.

A couple of days later it was exactly like Jack said & they put into space dock above the second largest of the planets know as Shin- Tethys, the plan went off with out a hitch that was until they took the shuttle down on to one of the planets, this is where we join the action.
The last part of the story can be found here
As well as Jack who is the main plot point we had the two crate's from the last game, one at bottom right of the picture,
one at the office top left, another crate about half way between the hanger & the red car & a kroot at the blue fuel tank

Jack & crew exit from the lift down from the raised landing pad

It looks like the customs officers are not going to be the only thing Jack has to worry about

I won the roll off for the initiative & was using the same league as last time with some different models added

As I set about trying to get into good positions Paddy springs a trap on my follower taking him out of the game  

i rolled familiar area on the events table while Paddy rolled reconnoiter a roll that was to cost him no little pain.

My team at the end of my first turn

some things are just better in two's, well he started it 

The generator blows up putting all of Jack's crew apart from Felix in perilous area  

This combined with Paddy's event roll was slowing Jack up nicely 

but all that didn't help this guy open the crate

& so the shooting starts as the guy nearest the back of the car opens up

sometimes to just have to go toe to toe, as for the little markers you can see, the white & red one at the top of the picture & in the picture above was to make out the area that was perilous while the black one was placed on anyone who had shot as then now counted as been in a perilous area  

I put an end to Jack's extra follower

Jack rushes into the fight 

& gives some payback

Father Felix take his chainsword to one of the crates, one way of opening it I guess

the explosion is still having an effect, good

the end of turn 3 & J ack is still a long way from the gate, even better

I make a start on a couple of the minor plot points, in the two pictures above

& reach yet another one, things are really on the up

Oilskin & that dam dog do a bit of tag teaming on one of my guys

& down he's goes

That chainsword does'nt seem to be doing the trick

I got back up but was knocked down again

As Jack makes it to the gate house

Mr Smith has his tail up now & rushes into another one of my guys, who I don't think would ever have gotten that crate open

& down he goes

while my leader shows everyone how to open a box

now Mr Smith is even giving it a try

Jack has fully convinced the guard yet I'm still in with a chance

my sidekick rushes Oilskin

& makes a right mess of it

but then makes up for it with a couple of guards heading his way

& the gate is open, Jack you old sweet talker you

well at least there's still time left to do something about that dog

& he bits the bullet putting an end to all his good work on the crate 

Jack with his rewards, with 3 vp's for himself & one for the plot point Felix got the game end 4-2 in Jack's favour 

This game was a mix of the Dangerous Delivery & Death Trap scenario's & a blast to play, with Jack as the main plot point & having to try to get off the base through the checkpoint which once there he had to complete a challenge just like a plot point, the other guards around the table moved about a random D6 at the end of each turn & if they came within an inch of a character would become an extreme peril.

I've got to say I'm finding pulp alley to be very easy way of building a narrative & fits very well into any setting  or plot in the best of pulp fashion, now we started off well with Tricol & have gotten 2 scenario's AAR's  in in more or less a week, but going forward this is more likely to be a month which was my original target, this will give me time to build any terrain I need & with Paddy moving up to Belfast he's not going to be around as much.

So my thanks to you know who & well done on another good win, I thought I had you that time & also as ever my thanks to you for dropping in.



  1. Holy Crap Frank!
    For some reason your profile short form (when I look at it in "Followers" on my blog) doesn't show your blog! So, I just found it!

    This is great! Great stories, great terrain!

    I'll comment more as I get time to read through it.

    aka / Guiscard

  2. Thanks Will, going back over the blog I'm not sure how much of it you'll find interesting I some from a 40K back round as you might have guessed but was looking for something different, did a bit of INQ28 loved it then read a report by Mr Saturday.

    At the time I didn't know anything about Pulp Alley, but Dave told me what it was & how much he loved it, his site lead me to Paul's which lead me to yours & between the hold lot I was hooked & inspired.

    So my thanks to the 3 of you.

  3. This all looks really rather beautiful. Nicely painted and looks like a fun game.

  4. Thank's Dave, I've not played a lot of Pulp Alley as I'm only new to it but every game has been fun, these days I'm more interested in terrain then painting a large army & as PA uses only a few model's I've more time for terrain.

    Going forward I intend to build different setting from the different places in Tricol some of which I've already started.

  5. Happy New Year! I look forward to reading more of your posts next year :-)

  6. Happy New Years! Love the journey of Panama Jack. Thanks for sharing all year long and I look forward to more Pulp Alley in 2016.

    1. Thanks Mel the next adventure has already been played out just need to find the time to write it up :-)