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Monday 15 June 2015

Tricol, Building better worlds (I hope)

I created the Tricol system for a couple of different reasons & one of them was for modelling terrain, now this is helped a little by the fact the I'm us it to play a game called Pulp Alley in, as the game is played on a 3x3 table, you could maybe be make it a 4x4 if you 4 or so players.
Somewhere in Tricol
Now we've played out a couple of games & I've had some nice comment on my terrain both on this blog & on the Pulp Alley forums (thank you) but over all while I was happy with the terrain I wasn't quite happy with the table it was set up on, but I'd dragged my feet getting this thing up & running & felt I needed to start playing some games to get the ball rolling.

As I've said I was not really happy with the table or ground or what ever you should call it in those games, but that's a problem I've found in a lot of the games I played over the years, I think the hard part is getting the terrain to blend in with the ground it's set down on, just call me fussy lol.

In the picture above this is not a problem unlike in some below, so in this post I'm going to explain to you what I've done to fix it & how I'll get over other such problems going forward.

Clicking on the pictures will enable you to see them in a bigger size.

The good old green grass gaming mat where most games are played out on

Just doesn't look right does it ?

Even when you use terrain with bases it's very hard to blend it in right

The F.A.T mat from FLG these are love & we a good few of these in the DDG thanks to Mike T

But even these suffer when you put down terrain with bases on them

A 3x3 gaming table I made using cork tiles, cost of gaming table about 36 euro including paint & dip

A piece of terrain I made sitting on it as you can see it blends in every well

Unless you go for a modular table this is as good as it gets & it good enough for me.

Been made up of 12x12 tiles means that storage is not a big problem  

But it also has another advantage as you can see in the picture the board has changed a bit

If you want to invest a bit more time & money this board can very easily be changed around

As this side shot shows the board is rising, how this is done is by making a tile with a couple of layers of tiles on it & then use other tiles to raise up the ones behind it

For those that's interested this is how the gaming board is made

I covered the cork tile in per mixed tiling grout 

Next create an uneven surface 

You finished board should be something like this, then just paint as you want, I used an army painter cream coloured spray & army painter dark shade dip which I painted on

Well that's it as always my thanks for dropping in.


  1. The table looks great Frank. Perfect for some Pulp Alley once you add some more street level items I reckon.

  2. The table looks great Frank. Perfect for some Pulp Alley once you add some more street level items I reckon.

  3. It will be getting used in some up coming games Paul, the whole thing is a wip trying to up the aunty a bit thanks in no small part to your self Dave & Will