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Monday 1 June 2015

Tricol, In the asteroid field, a Pulp Alley scenario AAR

Welcome to the next part of the story the first parts can be found below ( to see how we got to this point.

Get us close to one of big ones MrEl'Tevy & then maintain the same course & speed as it, ordered Jack, El'Tevy looked back over his shoulder with a look of concern on his face.

Noticing this Lucinda said Jack do you think that's wise ? Its not ideal replied Jack but its the best chance we've got of staying alive until we can come up with a plan for what were going to do & besides the best way to survive in an asteroid field is to move about as little as possible, we'll be ok trust me said Jack with a grin on his face that Lucinda knew only to well. 

 As the Hermes drew up a long side the huge rock Jack asked for it to be put up on the viewing screen, what are you looking for asked Lucinda who was now standing at his side, on the screen was part of the asteroid, pan the camera a round Jack order I want to see every bit of that rock, because if I'm not mista... bingo there's what I was looking for he called out as some kind of a base came into view. 

A mining colony ask Lucinda ? that would be my guess alright said Jack, I think we should take a little trip down there & see if we can learn anything about this system, get the shuttle ready & have an away team meet me in the hanger bay, fancy a trip he ask turning to Lucinda ? wouldn't miss it for a world she replied.

Paddy & myself played out the smash & grab mission from the rulebook with Paddy using Jack & his crew & me using one of the pre made one with one little change in a follower, a round the ogryns was extreme perils as Paddy rolled danger danger on the events table, the minor plot points where 4 green crates with the major one been a computer terminal inside the big building, one of my guys had hidden set up. 
The servitors had no effect on the game. 

The mining base

The guests arrive.

Jack leads the way,  

The guards react  to the landing.

& soon shots are ringing out all over the base.

but for all this shooting no one goes down.

Mr Smith gets into the action.

Who needs guns ?

I think the Doc might need glasses as he couldn't see the guy 3 feet away.

one of my guys makes it to a plot point.

Only to go down to a hail of bullets, but even I can roll the odd 6. 

Chief Olsan try's opening door while jack heads over to a plot point with Mr Smith looking for something else to eat.

Well if bullets won't keep you down this might, Father Felix rips into my sidekick with his chainsword. 

But paybacks a bitch as my leader gets stuck into him.

One of my guys try's for a plot point.

& makes a start on getting it open.

While olsan still can't open the door, try the key.

This time the Doc does see the guy 3 feet away & shoots

before racing over to my guy trying to get the lid off.

A double ko.

Now where did that little woman go that I can beat down on ?

There she is.

But a bit tougher then she looks. 

3rd time for luck.

Well look what I did, we had it that to open a door you had to pass a challenge which turn out to be 3 successes on any skill, I guess they don't make shotguns like they use to.

Once open I remove the roof from that part.

No not that dog again, Patrick always hated playing against Mr Smith.

Jack gets his reward, to tie in with the story we didn't roll on the table for what the plots were so these were weapons.

Doc get more of the same.

Now I know why he hates the dog, at least I put him down.

Is that someone in hiding just to the left of those lockers ? 

A look inside the main room, well it would be mean not to, as it took the Chief so long to get the outer door open this room never came into play.

Jack & his crew's rewards.

Once again pulp alley deliver's a very enjoyable game with Paddy winning by 2 plots to 0, well after all Jack is the hero of this story, that & the fact that for the whole game I only pasted 1 recovery check, well if it wasn't for ones LOL

Just a note on the 2 downed characters, Mr Smith got hid with a head shot & will start the next mission with -1 to a random skill, while Father Felix can start the game hidden.

Well that it from me I hope you enjoyed the report as much as we enjoyed playing it, my thanks to you know who for taken part & a well done on getting the league off to a good start & as always my thanks to you for dropping in. 


  1. Excellent report! That looks like so much fun. Great photos too.

    Thanks for playing and sharing Pulp Alley!


  2. It was indeed fun Dave & I'm only to happy to play & share such a great game.

  3. It's good to see you getting some more mileage out of PA Frank :) Looks like a lot of fun.

  4. It's good to see you getting some more mileage out of PA Frank :) Looks like a lot of fun.

  5. It's good to see you getting some more mileage out of PA Frank :) Looks like a lot of fun.

  6. Thanks Paul it was a fun game aright.