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Monday 22 June 2015

Tricol, A town called Malice, Pulp Alley AAR

Rap up from last game, which can be found here,
All looks very quite by not for long

As Jack walked out of the landing port, the guards where swinging into action at lasted, seen this the assailants grabbed a couple of crates loaded them into the car & drove off smashing through the barrier on the way out.

With all the mayhem going on Felix with a crate in his procession had cut a hole in the fence & slipped  away, the guards rounded up the rest of the crew but with all of the crates of contraband gone had noting on them & after holding them for a half an hour or so for question but ended believing their story that they were the victims of a robbery & that the assailants had taken off with some of their cargo that they had been just trying to protect.
The view up main street & into the town square 

They linked up with Jake & Felix a bit down the road where Jack told them he'd briefly gotten talking to a guy that had told him with an amused look on his face, that they were on Shin-Tethys the second largest planet in the Tricol system & that a couple of clicks down the road was a town called Malice, before a van pulled & he was gone.
The plot points, as Jack & the crew where just looking for information I decided we'd play the trail of clues mission & just have the plot points been town folk they could talk to.

Hiding the crate in some thick undergrowth they headed off down the road in the hope that they could find out some more & maybe sell a few items of jewellery as they were sure that imperial credits would be of no use here, so pull up a seat the action is about to begin.
As Jack & the gang reach the town Lucinda takes to the roof tops, thats going to make the town square a no go for my lads

I set up in the other corner Paddy had roll danger danger  on the events table while for the second game running I'd rolled a vehicle, but while I've the rules for vehicles we haven't gotten around to using them yet so I rerolled & got a friendly local.
At this point I'd guess if he had a moustache Paddy would be twirling the end of one side of it  

So the hunt for clues begin

Hopping the wall & dashing across the street the Doc & Olsan duck in behind the building, with one of the plot points just around the corner

Jones makes a leap up on to a roof top & taking cover behind the solar panel opens up fire on Lucinda

Dam that woman's good as even with the panel for cover Jones goes over

Face races over to the side rocky outcrop to cover one of the plot points 

If you want it come & get it boys the Doc calls out rounding the corner, while Olsan falls over trying to climb up on the roof.

Taking their chances The unknown & the friendly local  make a dash for it

So that the secret of the town the illegal coke game LOL, Felix & Oilskin cover the plot point from behind the wall

The plot point beside the oil-drums 

Slick two guns has a good view of  the same plot point face is covering, as the Doc rounds the corner.

And gets a belly full of lead for his troubles 

Mean while the local decides to play gun game with Lucinda.

& pays the price for such foolishness, did I mention that that woman is good ?

The Doc recovers & rushes Face who had made a run of the plot point.

As the Unknown reaches the plot point with Shades & Slugger in close support Mr Smith runs into the middle of them, I'd played the parley card to try to give the Unknown time.

With the plan after working I moved Shades & the Slugger around him to try to keep him safe 1-0 me

Mr Smith put the bite on the Slugger.

While Jack takes on Shades.

But not without taking some hurt.

While Felix seems to have trouble getting over the wall.

The Unknown dashes back around the corner & pulls the trigger on his flamer, spraying forth a long blast of flames. 

That Lucinda one is really becoming a pest, have I mentioned how good she is ?

Mr Smith had gotten back up & entered the wall of flames, he must have had some kind of booby-trap on him as there a large explosion & both he & the Unknown are knocked over.  

Over at the other plot point the Face & the Doc KO each other as Olsan talks to one of the locals.

With Mr Smith & the Unknown out of the game there's two plots up for grabs, one of which Jacks makes for. 

Doc & Face face off while Olsan seems to have left the seen with the plot point still in tacked I wonder what could have happened to him.

Felix works out how to get over a well & rushes Shades

The high point of the game for me, as Slick decides to do the gentlemanly thing be firing into the combat, only to put 3 bullets into the Face & miss the Doc leaven him free to take the plot point, 1-0 Paddy with time running out.

Making up for his mistake he takes out the Doc as well

All square. 

Would you look at that 3 upside down 1's, even I get lucky sometimes

Jack gets ready to brawl but to his surprise Slick just says to him, he who shan't be named wants what's his back & with that lets out a loud whistle & he & all his goons withdraw from the town. 

Once again a really great game of Pulp Alley & totally absorbing, so much so that after Paddy solved one of the plot points we forgot to place another LOL to busy having fun I guess, I finding that the more I get to play this game that for what is a simple enough  little game to start playing that there's a lot of tactical depth in it.

Reminder to myself to try to move around for photo's from different angles while playing, easier said then done when the bullets are flying, but am very happy with how the table looked & the terrain as a part from the two cars & a couple of plastic crates & drums I made everything else.

I finally gotten a round to making up a second league which I used in this game & will do a post on them soon enough, so until then my thanks to you know who for a great game & as always my thanks to you for dropping in I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. Great Stuff!
    It seems a little unsporting to shoot the Doc :)

  2. Thanks mate, it really was a classic moment in the game lol.