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Monday 22 September 2014

Missing it all.

As I'm stuck over here in Scotland I'm unable to do any modelling or gaming but have plenty of time to think about it & like the old saying goes you never miss it until it's gone.

So I've been thinking about the hobby & what I want to be doing, that is if I ever get the chance to do anything again.
Just like with most things in life a hobby after awhile can be taken a bit  for granted & I thing it's only not been able to do anything over the last couple of weeks that has made me relies how big apart of my life my hobby really is.

If you come to this blog on a regular basis you'll know I signed up to a year in the hobby challenge, now as is the way with life it turns out I'm going to be travelling a lot for the next nine months so if I'm going to make any head way I'm going to need to be able to do some stuff while I'm on the road.

Pulp alley which is part of my challenge will be my first port of call so to speak, so what I'll do to get the ball rolling when I'm at home this weekend is pick out the models I want to use as past of Panama Jack's league & then while I' away I can work out there stats & some back round stories for them, it might not be modelling or gaming but at least it will keep me involved.

 On the gaming front NWG is on this coming weekend but even though I'll be back in Ireland after nearly two weeks away from home I'm not going to look for a two day pass to play with my toys so I just try to nip down for a couple of hours on one of the days to say big & hopefully get a few pictures.

 So before I rap up I just want to wish all involved at the weekend the very best of luck & I'll try my best to get down to see you all well that it from me, as always my thanks for dropping in.


  1. Would it be worth your while starting a portable project you can travel with?

  2. All progress is progress. Fluff is very important.

    1. Yes indeed the fluff is very important mate, but I also need to be modelling & playing lol but hopefully this will help tie me over for a while.