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Thursday 18 July 2013

INQ28 Tanta

As the rouge trader Maxamillia neared the beastman settlement she could see one of the beastmen coming in her direction, the arco-flagellant subject 48 payed no attention to the beastman & just walked along at the rouge traders side.

With the way events had taken a turn the Duchess like to keep the fearsome flagellant ( that she had won in a game of chance awhile back) close to hand, as she rounded the corner of one of the buildings she could see Ugo-cal standing on a cat walk out side of a raised building with what looked like from this distance a servo skull floating beside him, this must be where the meeting was to take place.

It was at this point that the sounds of shots rang out from somewhere over to her left & looking over she saw to man unknown to her making for where Ugo was with one of them unloading at Ugo from a heavy-stubber.
The rouge trader whispered some word into the ear of the arco-flagellant bring it from some kind of dead sleep into a killing machine & sent it off to engage the two man, while she continued
Next there was the sound of an explosion over to the north of the settlement, one of the Inquisitors that have been on her trail lately must have gotten word of the meeting & come to deal out the Emperor's justice as they like to call killing things.
All around her she could see beastmen been cut down while from up on the catwalk Ugo returned fire on the guy with the heavy stubber before beaning knocked off his feet, sending the beastman with her off to aid Ugo the Duchess decided it might be better to get out of sight behind the cover of some near by oil drums.
She always knowing it was a bad idea to get in voled with Inquisitor Price but the money on offer was just to good & after all had a high lifestyle to maintain, but still money was no good to you if you where not around to enjoy it.
Gunfire was coming from all over the settlement now as the Inquisition forces continued to make short work of the beastmen & make there way towards the building where Ugo was, Peaking around the side of one of the barrels she could see subject 48 closing in on the guy with the heavy stubber.
Unbeknown to the rouge trader a fight was now braking out between the men at the base of a ladder at the back of the building where Ugo was while Ugo himself was trying to get back onto his feet, from a little implanted camera in the arco-flagellants head the Duchess could watch on a little screen from the safety for her cover as the arco-flagellant came upon the man with the heavy stubber from behind raining down blows on him from his electro- flails, the Duchess shut off the screen at this point as the sight of blood always upset her stomach.

Inquisitor Stefen Hindelmann, along with one of his henchmen Captain Josiah Stein had finally cut down the last of the beastmen that had charged them & now had a clear path to the main building where they had earlier seen the leader of the beastmen Ugo-cal but who was now out of sight of them, they would have to try to get up on to the cat walk.
As they neared the base of the ladder leading up to the platform they where set upon by a huge cyber- mastiff that dived strength for them nearly knocking the Inquisitor from his feet such was it strength.
Meanwhile Olan Daberk & Lokko Light who work for Inquisitor Verrick trisk (who was recovering from injuries he received at the hands of one of the rouge traders henchmen) where fighting with some unknown person at the other end of the building unaware of the fact the the arco-flagellant was closing in on them.
One of the henchmen who was a very acrobatic leaped from the combat high onto the ladder 7 started to climb up just as the arco-flagellant smashed into the fight his electro-flails lashing out that the others in the .combat
With the beast down Inquisitor  Hindelmann sent  Captain Stein up the ladder while he finished it off with his daemon weapon, on reaching the catwalk Stein was attacked by Ugo-cal who bleeding from wounds from the shots that had hit him from the heavy stubber had gotten back to his feet.
Subject 48 made short work of the two man at the in combat & was looking around for a new target when he received the signal to stand down from the Duchess who had made her way over to the building where the Inquisitor & his henchman where now both engaged in combat with Ugo & seemed to be getting the better of him, the one thing the rouge trader couldn't afford to let happen was for Ugo to be taken captive.
So rounding the dead mastiff with subject 48 now back at her side she waited at the base of the ladder to see what the out come might be.
From high up on the roof  Lokko Light could only watch helplessly as his friend & the other unknown man was bet to a pulp by the arco-flagellant who had now gone off somewhere leaving the way clear for Light to go down to aid his companion.
On the catwalk above just as the Inquisitor & the Captain had gotten the better of Ugo & where about to tie him up to take him with them for questioning he noticed a big group of beastmen heading there way, they would have to make a hasty retreat out of here leaving Ugo behind.
Light was relived to find that though badly hurt his friend was with his help able to walk which was just as well with what seemed to be a big group  of beastmen heading their way.

Taking one last look back behind him Inquisitor Hindlemann noticed a figure step out from the building onto the cat walk & head over to Ugo-cal, while the rouge trader slipped away unnoticed by anyone with subject 48 at her side.
Below some more pictures from the game which are a bit all over the place this post so sorry about that as I had to do this one a bit differently, so thanks for dropping in & do call back again sometime soon.

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