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Friday 11 January 2013

Forces of the Inquistion

Forces of the Inquisition is what I'm going to try to make a little supplementary codex with to be used with any Imperial codex but not use up an allied slot.
Now to be honest I've seen many fan codices & most of them just end up stupid wish listing with a broken army that fan want to win every game he plays with.
The goal here is not about building a powerful army using Inquisitors because if that was all I was after I'd just use the Gray Knight codex & save myself a lot of work.
GW as is their way sadly decided to all but abandon the Inquisition codices never releasing one for the Ordo Xenos & replacing the other two with a WD SoB codex & a Gray Knight codex.
Their will also be restrictions put in place to try to keep the whole thing balanced.

So where to start well Inquisitors might be a good spot, but as this codex is to tie in with my roleplaying  within 40k their will be no named Inquisitors.
Codex Forces of the Inquisition is a supplementary codex to be used only with Imperial forces (except codex Gray Knights) & does not count as using an allies slot, however all units selected below take up a force organisation slot in your main army unless stated.

You may pick anyone of the fallowing Inquisitors below as a HQ choice in your army & while he does take up a HQ slot in your main army you must also take a HQ from that codex.
In addition the Inquisitor must be your warlord & their can be no named HQ's taken from either of the other codices been used 
Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Radical
Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Puritan
Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Radical
Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Puritan
Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Radical
Ordo Xenos Inquisitor  PuritanSee 
Codex Gray Knights for details
In addition to the wargear  in the codex Gray Knights your Inquisitor may have the fallowing upgrades.
Rosarius 25pts 4++ 
Psyker (Master Level 2) 20pts
Note If your Inquisitor is a psyker then he may not be included in or have allies of Black Tamplers.
Also note If using a radical Inquistor you must roll a LD test at the start of the game & if failed then the Inquistor & his Henchmen are treated as allies of convenience


Inquisitorial Henchmen Retinue, This unit does not us up a force organisation slot & may be deployed independently from the Inquisitor however if at any point in the game the Inquisitor joints the unit he can not again leave it.
You may chose between 3-12 models from the list below, but no more then 33% retinue maybe of the same type.
Note If a radical Inquisitor is using any Henchmen from the radical section then he may not be included in or have allies of Black Templars or Sisters of Battle

Death-cult assassin
Inquisitorial servitor
Jokaero weaponsmith
Warrior acolyte
Techpriest enginseer 0-1 if any servitors are taken then both them & any Inquisitorial servitors taken count towards the 33% limit. 
Ministorum priest 0-1
Ogryn 0-2
See codices Gray Knights & Imperial Guards for details.
Any radical Inquisitor may also pick from the fallowing
Elder Ranger 0-3
Attack Squig 0-1
Ork boy 
Grot  You may have between 1-3 grots per henchman slot

Assassins you may pick anyone of the fallowing assassins below
Locked 10 ep's needed.
 Note you do not need to spend any ep's to use these unit but your Inquisitor must have that amount.
Culexus assassin
Callidus assassin
Eversor assassin
Vindicare assassin
See codex Gray Knights for details

You may pick one of the fallowing units
Gray Knight strike squad see codex Gray Knights for details 20ep's needed
Storm trooper squad see codex Imperial Guards for details 5ep's needed
Deathwatch squad (Sternguard veteran squad) see codex Space Marines for details. 15ep's needed

You may pick one of the fallowing units.
Locked 30ep's needed
Lightning Strike Fighter
Avenger Strike Fighter
Vulture Gunship
Thunderbolt Heavy Fighter 
You will notice that there are radical & puritan Inquisitors above, this is done just to add different flavour there will not be two different kinds in the Gray Knights codex.  
As I said in my last post my aim here is to roleplay within 40K, this apart from linking all my games will also give me the opportunity to model & paint a lot of models that I would not other wise do. 
Next time I'll have the rules for using the rollplaying system.  


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