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Monday 14 January 2013

Using Inquisitors for Roleplaying in 40K

Following on from my last post forces of the Inquisition, I'm now going to explain how I'm going to to do a bit of roleplaying in 40k.
This starts with our hero's the Inquisitors, the plan is to have 6 of them 2 for each Ordo 1 a radical Inquisitor & 1 a puritan.
So I'll start off with the creation of the character, the example I'm using is in fact one of the Inquisitors I'll be using & who has already had his first outing.

Title +++++++++++ Inquisitor
Name ++++++++++ V Price
Ordo ++++++++++  Hereticus
Type ++++++++++ Puritan none Psyker
Experience points +  0  
Retinue ++++++++ None

Wargear Carapace armour, Inferno pistol, cc weapon, Frag, Krak & Psyk-out grenades.
Special rules Independent & Stubborn.

Now that we've created our Inquisitor the next thing is to work out how he goes about gaining Experience points. (here after know as ep's ) 
The next problem is to try to work out how our hero gains ep's & what ep's do, needless to say the only way our Inquisitor can gain ep's is in games.
Here we have to be careful if he gains ep's to quickly he'll rise to fast, to slowly & it will take for ever. 
We'll start with what type of games he might de involved in & award ep's for each.

Killteam, Space Hulk or any other game of less then a 1,000 pts.  5ep's note that any retinue used in these games will not gain points for the Inquisitor.
40k 1001- 2999 pt's 5ep's
Apocalypse 10ep's

There's our games, next the results of the games.
Win 5ep's.
Draw 3ep's.

In game actions
Kill enemy HQ = ep's = to models wounds
Kill enemy MC ep's = to models wounds   
Kill enemy IC or C ep's = to models wounds
Destroy Enemy vehicle ep's = to models hull points 
Claim any of the fallowing
First blood
Slay the warlord
line breaker  
1 ep
1 ep for every model in his retinue that takes part in the game.

That's how Inquisitors gain ep's now to try to keep it balanced some ways that he might lose ep's.

Lose the game -5ep's
For every wound he lose's - 1ep
If killed by instant death = 5ep's Note this does not stack with wounds lost.
If the enemy warlord  claims any of the fallowing.
 First blood
Slay the warlord
line breaker 
-1 ep

With that much done we'll look next at what the ep's do.
This part is a little bit trickier as I want to use the ep's for two different things,
 first I want to use them for buying wargear & building a retinue & secondly as away of working out how powerful the Inquisitor is.
We'll start with the first one & what we should set the ep's at in relation to wargear points, I've decided to go on a one for one bases.
So 1 ep = 1pt for buying wargear, so for example I want a servo-skull & its 3pt's I will need to have 3ep's.
Note that any wargear an Inquisitor buys he must keep whether he is using it or not,.
In the case of Henchmen if any are killed the Inquisitor does not lose the pts it costed but does lose that Henchman.
He is then free to spend the the regained pts on anything he wish's but can not for his next game. 

Next we have the ep's v power level this is important as it will unlock certain units & wargear.
Example a level 1 psyker may not b upgraded to a level 2 until he gets to a certain pts level even though he will have the pts to before that.
For this I'm going to update the Forces of the Inquisition codex link below.
I'm also going to add a new foc choice & some wargear upgrades  to the codex.

As i said Inquisitor V Price has already had hi first outing so I'll update him now.
Played a 2,000 pts of 40K 5ep's
Result draw 3ep's
Total ep's gained 8
Title +++++++++++ Inquisitor
Name ++++++++++ V Price
Ordo ++++++++++  Hereticus
Type ++++++++++ Puritan none Psyker
Experience points +  8
Experience points Spent 8
Retinue ++++++++ 1 Warrior Acolyte with a bolter

Wargear Carapace armour, Inferno pistol, cc weapon, Frag, Krak & Psyk-out grenades, servo-skull.
Special rules Independent & Stubborn.

Note even though the Inquisitor bought a warrior acolyte he can not be used until the retinue has 3 members, the servo-skull can however be used.

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