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Saturday 22 December 2012

Painting away

Firstly I have to say I'm amazed to see that the blog has pasted a 1,000 view's already, so a big thank you very much to those that take a look as it helps to keep going if you know people are interested in what your posting.

How as I've said before on this blog I've seem to have a  thing for the Inquisition at the moment & I've finest painting my first Inquisitor, a model which funnily enough always reminded me of the movie the witch finder general staring Vincent Price here's a link

Sadly I'm still very hit & miss with my pictures, something I really need to work on.

I've also being doing up some guard & unlike the last guard army I did this one will be loyal

My platoon command squad I was looking a colour to tie them into my SoB's so I went with a green & cream as the SOb's are cream & red.

I gave the sergeant a bolter as it's cheap & help's to make him stand out.

Also have my first platoon squad done, so that's 15 done & who know's how many more to go.

The heavy weapons in the platoon squads I wanted to have a more of a mobile feel to them so I converted a guard with a flamer into a autocannon, the guy next to him has a meltagun.

A Commissar to help keep their mind on the job ahead, this is a very old model with had a hand flamer which I changed to a bolter.

The thing I really love about Inquisitors is all the cool things that go with them this was the first time I've ever painted a servo skull & at only 3pts are some thing I'll be using with my Inquisitor.

Still a wip a cute dog to be a loyal companion for the Inquisitor to keep him  company when he's far from home.

So all that left for me to do in this post is to wish anyone who reads it a happy Christmas.

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