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Sunday 18 February 2018

Sinister Swamp Pulp Alley Solo AAR

                                           NICKEL & DIME PRODUCTIONS PRESENT
                                                                Perilous Island
                                                 A story by Dave Phipps at Pulp Alley
                                                      Chapter 7 Sinister Swamp
Collins"This is the way Forbes went alright I can see the top of 3 statues, it must be the 3 wise men he's on about"
Grace" yes but wasn't there also a warning about the undying or something  & what is that foul stench ?"
Our hero's are heading into a stinking swamp, the 3 statures are the plot points which the characters can attempt once within 3" of one but something else is also moving around close to the statues, the BB's will enter from the top right hand corner while the G's will enter from the bottom left corner, on the random events table  Helga has been delayed while the BB's had no effect.
Hess"Halt I can see something moving up ahead close to that statue, start to spread out & be careful"
Hess"What the hell are those things" as he opens fire.
Killing one of them.
Brown moves & keeping an area of swamp between them opens up on the thing but fails to drop it.
Fritz however takes it out leaving the area around the statue clear so Gloup & Muller run up to it.
The BB's are taking no chances either but despite all of them shooting the thing it stays on it feet
Worse still with lightning speed the thing rushes Collins
 Who gets the better of by bashing it over the head with his pistol, Grace"What is it Delbert ?"
Collins" I'm not sure but I thing it might have been human once"
Two more of them head for the head towards the Germans.
Turn 1, At the tart of each turn each side places X number of zombies within 3" of a statue but can only place one at each, the Germans where unlucky as they got 3 to place meaning they had to place one at the statue closest to them, the BB's however only got 2 meaning they could place one at the statue closest to the Germans & 1 at the other stature, giving the Germans 2 to deal with while they only had 1, after both sides have activated the zombies will either rush the closest character & brawl them or if not within 12" move 6" towards the closest one, the zombies are not so easy to kill as you need to score to hits after their save to put them out.
Muller can't believe his eye's as one of the zombies rise out of the ground in front of him.
Collins now free of the zombie has a look around picks up a compass that he knows once be longed to his missing friend, has Forbes falling foul to these things he thinks ?
while the rest of the team cover him.
Helga has now rejoined her group & asks Fritz what all the shooting is about ?
Gloup keeping an eye on the zombie that's trying to claw at Muller slips at the edge of a swamp area
as the zombie gets the better of his comrade.
 Brown fires at another one but his aim is off
while Helga & Fritz fire at the one who's now trying to turn Muller into a meal.
Hess who was busy picking something up is now trying to make sure he doesn't become lunch
Helga is trying the same thing "Keep away from me" she cry's out
Moore joins Collins & says "Old Jerry seems to have his hand full"
Turn 2, The Germans luck didn't improve any as they got to place no zombie's leaving the BB's free to try the plot point which Collins passed, while the BB's got to place 1 zombie which was placed next to Muller, Hess however did mange a plot point before been rushed by a zombie, the cards unlike in turn 1 had a bit of an effect, Collins got a free pass before Dowl got the surprise twist which switched play over to the Germans, where Gloup got a perils that he failed & went down, recovery rolls seen Gloup & Muller pass
The Germans really are having a hard time of it with the zombie's

with things not getting any better for the BB's either
Collins seems to be getting the hang of dealing with them however, leaving Moore to pick something up in the long grass that has caught his eye.
Dowl takes out another with a nice head shot
as Grace runs the risk of been next for dinner by moving up to the statue, but something strikes at her leg.
 Muller only back on his feet is down again as Hess dances with death.
Helga backs away giving Fritz & Gloup a clear shot.
Brown for reasons best know to himself ignores his comrades troubles & decides to shoot Collins wounding him, that might make things easier for the zombie's he thinks.
Despite Dowl's best efforts one of the zombie's have gotten to Grace
& knocked her over.
Turn 3, both sides got to place 2 zombie's, while everyone had to take a card this turn the only one of note was the one that removed all other cards in play from the game, Moore passed a plot point so the BB's now have 2 & the G's 1, Grace failed the plot point perils & took a wound before taking another from the zombie, recovery rolls Collins passed while Grace & Muller failed & are both out of the game.
Hess orders Brown back"what are you shooting at them for we've enough on our plate here"
more bullets are pumped into the zombie
 before Fritz decides cold steel might work better, Helga spots something in the long grass but as she moves over can't find it,
Brown tries to come to Hess's aid but falls head first into the swamp
Moore suffers the same faith as Dowl is rushed.
Helga it seems is also having zombie problems
but dodges away,
as does Dowl
while Fritz cold steel seems to have done the trick.
Turn4, both got to place 1 zombie, Collins got another plot point, Helga tried for one but got make 3 success & only made 2, making it 3-1 to the BB's the cards again had no real effect, Moore & Brown had both failed a perilous area challenge & both gone down, Hess took a wound from a zombie, recovery Hess failed Moore & Brown passed.
The zombies just keep coming &
as Gloup keeps his eye's on one something inside the bush grabs hold of him.
Moore covered by Dowl finds something else belonging to Forbes but in doing so has put himself in between 2 zombies.
The Germans regroup trying to clear their lines.
& down 2 of the 3 zombies closest to them.
The last one rushes Hess but he puts it down with a shot between the eye's just before it reaches him.
The BB's are also having problems
with both Moore Collins
 & Dowl all getting rushed.

Moore & Dowl back away
but Collins can't get free, is this the end for our hero ?
Hess goes forward once more covered by his comrades.
Collins drops out but is set upon by another zombie
& yet another & Dowl calls out to him "Delbert were been over run we'll have to get out of here"
So it would seem as the ground is now spewing out zombies at an alarming rate.
Turns 5,6 & 7, yes Hess added an extra turn in the hope that BB's who were in great trouble with the zombies by that time might be taken down so losing the plot points they held, Gloup & Brown both went out of the game in turns 5 & 6, Gloup to a card perils & brown perilous area challenge.
This scenario had no major plot point but 6 reward cards , of which you got one for completing a plot point challenge while within 3" of one of the statues, one of these was a blank card & if drawn would instead put a zombie in base contact with the character.
So the game ended 4vps-1vp for the BB's

Designers note, This was a very different game of PA as instead of fighting  each other the league's where forced to fight the zombies but it was great fun none the less, luck still seems to be shining on the BB's as not only did the G's get the worse of the zombies in the early turns, you would have felt that completing 4 plot point the BB's would have got at least the reward card that gave a zombie once but they didn't.

Cut, that it for this post, my thanks to Dave for the script & as always my thanks to you for dropping in & if you'd care to be a movie critic please leave a comment it would be welcomed : )


  1. Great story and terrain. Your swampy patches look perfect- very realistic!

    1. Thanks Codsticker, I was very happy with the way the board looked over all & I'm more convinced now then ever that things like swamps & rivers look better when not sitting on top of the table, but having said that I do understand why most people do it that way.

  2. Fantastic! Love those bases. :D

  3. Hi Frank - another good story, you could see it was all going wrong as the game progressed but then when you did the cut away shot (2nd to last one) and I could see all the zombies it was an OH NO moment.
    Swamp looks good as do the zombies, are they the plastic mantic ones, they look proper scary.

    By the way did you leave a 2nd comment on The Planters Wife Chase game, I got a mail from Google telling me you had but there's nothing on the blog and unfortunately I deleted the mail so don't want to be rude by not answering you.

    1. Thanks John, glad you enjoy it mate yes the zombies are the mantic ones & painted up that way do look nice & scary, for which I can take on credit as I got them off a friend who had started painting them that way so I just followed what he'd started.

      I did indeed leave a second comment mate, but as I've said this computer is acting up no end so instead of replying on your blog I'll try it here & you can copy & paste it if you wish.

      I think you were very honest in saying that you are disappointed with how the game went John but giving the rules your using its bound to happen from time to time, but you are British so stiff upper lip & tally ho into the next adventure, your paying public demand it : )

      Thanks for the run down on how you did the trucks mate you make it sound a lot easier then I think it is ; )

    2. John I tried the comment again on your blog & I think it worked this time.

    3. Yes it's there now - computers bah humbug. ;-)

  4. Cracking game and how you kept track of everything was impressive too. The set-up looked the part and your swamp terrain blended in well.

    1. Thanks Joe, the game was very enjoyable to & its very different from most PA scenarios, as for keeping track of thing its simple enough as one league does it thing, then the other league does theirs & then the zombies do theirs, I also take note while playing out the game : )

  5. Great AAR Frank. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Excellent report! Nickel and Dime Productions have really stepped up their game, with outstanding sets, camerawork, costuming and creature effects and all!

    Keep up the excellent work! It's an inspiration!

  7. Thanks Fitz, that's very kind of you, when I look back on the last time I done PI I'm more then happy with how things have progressed but still plenty more to do & improve on.

  8. Just outstanding Frank! You are definitely taking this campaign and story to the next level. Brilliant stuff!

    I want to see it in comic book form lol!