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Monday 12 February 2018

Movie Tone News Feb 18

Movie Tone News is a new feature that while be appearing on this blog once a month (I hope)
So what is movie Tone news ? well Movie Tone News used to shown, in picture house's in the way back when there was a slot in between the two movies (yes you use to see two) that was a bit like the news you watch on your TV today, no don't worry I'm not going to be bring the latest Thump foot in mouth or anything like that.

Movie Tone News will be a little update on whats happen at Nickel & Dime studios, or in other words whats going on in that centre of madness inside my head : ) right now for this months news.

First I've realised that trying to run two major productions at this point is not feasible, so I had to decide which one would go on & which one would go on the back burner, the two in question are The Heart Stone of Africa & Perilous Island, I looked at this matter in a couple of  way, first was time left for each one, PI has 5 shoots left THSOA  has a lot more.

Second was cut off point, PI is in the middle of of the second act, when we left Connie & Co where sailing safely heading down river it was the closing of the first act, add to that some actors I hired for to carry the story on have been lost in transit & the choice was made for me.

Other news, as you might recall I need to make up a couple of swamps for the next PI set, these I glad to say are now almost ready so we should get some shots from the location soon & then the movie it's self, after that there's only one shot left in the second act for which I've all I need for the set.

The Heart Stone of Africa is unlike anything else that goes on here tbh & as I've said was looking at new was to carry that forward, I've now settled on away to do this that really I think fits in with what I want to do & we'll take a look at that in the next news update.

So as that wonderful duo would say when doing their news bulletins at the end of their shows, It's a good night from me & a goodnight from him : )

That's a rap for this post as always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcomed : )


  1. Hi Frank - firstly the uncalled for insult - you remember two movies and the news in between them - you must be a lot of than I thought :-) :-)

    I like the way you are thinking about the content in your blog and how to present it in a constructive and organised way.
    That was one of the things that attracted me in the first place, that you had a story line going and followed it along. So that I could read from one post to the next and things developed, rather than the scattergun posting that so many guys use so you never know what they will post week on week, some interesting and some not.
    I'm struggling with the latter syndrome at the moment, I have three storylines going plus two others that I want to start as well as my original intention of just posting individual games. Maybe I need to take a leaf out of your book.
    Anyway a nice thoughtful post - now bring on the swamps, bring on the girls and let's get this show on the road :-)

    1. Thanks John I think :-) no I'm not old enough to have seen the news tones in the picture house mate nor did I see the Fall of the Roman empire but that doesn't mean I never heard of either of them lol.

      I could have just done a post telling you guys these things but in keeping with what this blog is all about I thought the Movie Tone News was a nice title & one I can use lots of times.

      I'll let you in on another little bit of my thinking here John & I can see from your comment that you've already hit on it, its easier for people to follow a story if it's say once a week then to keep track over a longer length if there's lot of other stuff in between, I also found that I enjoyed doing the first four parts of the PI campaign where I could play out the games close together then now where I've to wait until I build something, so going forward that will be the plan, that's not to say I won't throw in the odd one off here & there along the way,but things like PI or THSOA are I feel best done one at a time :-)

      Sorry about the long winded reply mate but you've been coming here along time & I want to fill you in as best I can & others that come here to :-)

  2. My first thought on reading this was that you may have to explain what a picture house was! I have many happy memories of many flea-pits in our area that no longer exist!
    Personally I don't mind what anyone blogs about as I normally have time to spare and I nearly always fins something of interest.
    I tend to stick to one theme for a few weeks/months now that I've given up zed gaming for the moment but don't mind blogs that jump from one thing to another (Eg. Colgar6's).
    So do what you want, when you want, it'll be fun in any event!

    1. Thanks Zabadak, I like yourself don't mind people jumping from one thing to another & find many an interesting thing, what I'm after here is as much for myself as anyone else tbh,I think I get more done if I'm working on stuff for one project then for many or in other words trying to stay clear of what a friend of mine call the hobby effect :-)

      Going to a movie these days is long removed from what you so elegantly put the old flea-pits :-)

  3. An organized approach that sticks to one story line is fine. Sounds like it will be good for you. I'm too scattered for that myself and often take time to get things done, so my posts tend to be scattered and infrequent and irregular. That just reflects how my gaming hobbies go.

    I enjoy all sorts of blogs and approaches by others, and often find inspiration, amusement, and enjoyment, from many of them.

  4. Thanks Fitz,I also enjoy all the different approaches its just at this point in time I need to do it this way, that not to say that in a months time that won't change :-)

  5. This I why I like you so much Frank! I could literally hear the Movie Tone News horns and voice reading the text :) What a great way to essentially present WIP's, brilliant!

    *and as a distraught American citizen, if you posted every time about Tweeto Von Cheeto inserting his foot into his mouth there would be no time for other content on your blog, so thank you!*