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Thursday 28 December 2017

Chapter 5, The Missionary

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If you are only new to this site or even if you'd just like to reread the story, I'm putting a link below to another blog of mine where all of the chapters are one after the other to save you having to look through this blog to find them :)

Taking with them only food water & some rope that Boswel said they would need for the climb down, into the valley where the missionary was the party set off in a sober mood.

After about a half hour of walking they started to hear a low hum which after awhile more became more of a roar of what could only be the sound of  a waterfall , as the river moved from it slow easy pace to a boiling torrent in a downward rush.
The going did indeed as Boswel had told them became more difficult as the ground started to descent very quickly, in fact so rapidly that at parts they had to climb down using ropes, Maud who had a fear of high's was having a terrible time of it, but after her callous remark earlier got very little sympathy from the rest of the group.
Down a long perilous edges they made their way slowly as the hours passed by.
It was at parts so bad that they to tie ropes from one to the other in case any of them should fall,
with the worse part just as they reach the top of the tree line.
As they stopped for a bit to eat & a small rest in the mid-afternoon.

Boswel:"You'll be please to know ladies & gentlemen, that if my guess is correct the worse of the descent is over us & from here on  the land will start to level out with a slow decline into the valley which holds the missionary"

Connie:"Taylor have you noticed the roar of the river is dropping ?"
Taylor:"No I hadn't but now that you say it, it does appear to be so Boswel certainly knows his stuff"
Connie:"It was lucky he was on the flight, as I don't think we'd have made it out of there without him"
Taylor:"Absolutely we owe him huge debt, I'll have to think of someway to reward him as I don't think he take to kind to my offering him money as a thank you"

With the sun low on the horizon they caught their first sight of the missionary in the distance, a sight that meant their ordeal would soon be at an end.
A little over an hour later with the last of the light fading they approached the  settlement on a well worn track.

Voice:"Stop right where you are & explain yourselves"
Boswel stepped forward  & explained what had befalling them.
Woman:"Your'll have to forgive my welcome but we don't get to many folk out walking this way & it's better to be safe then slaughtered as my old Pa use to say, allow me to introduce myself I'm Jill the preacher's wife"

Jill:"Come lets all go up to the house you must be all wall-falling after such an ordeal"

Maud:"You won't believe the half of it I thought I was going to die out there like poor Mr Brown"
Jill:" It is a dangerous place out there that for surer, but your all safe now"
Just as they where to go inside a small native boy appeared from one of the mud huts & waved to them.

Weber:"Tell me Madam does your husband have a wagon that he could take us to the nearest town in tomorrow ? it really is imperative that I return as soon as possible"

Jill:"I'm sorry to have to tell you that the only way out of here is by boat, but your in luck as our monthly surplices which come up the river are due in two or three days time"

Weber:"Is there no other way ? has your husband not got a boat we could use ?"

Jill:"He only has a small rowing boat that would be of no use for getting you all down river to Swatrow, but come lets all go inside & have some coffee"
Always an early riser the next day Connie was out & about looking around & been an animal love went over to the pen. the little boy she'd seen the night before came over to talk to her & as soon as he seen him the baby goat wiggled his way under the pen fence & ran over to his side

Little boy " Hello my name is Nu'um what your ?"
Connie " Hello Nu'um I'm Connie & pleased to meet you"
Nu'um " Will  you be living at the missionary now ?"
Connie "Only for a few days until the boat comes, do you live here with your Mum & Dad ?"
Nu'um "Yes but Dad is away hunting with the rest of the man, when I'm bigger I'll go to & be a great hunter like Dad"

After talking to Nu'um Connie head back to the house, when she got there Taylor was sitting on the veranda drinking a cup of coffee.
Taylor "Good morning Connie I see your up & about early"
Connie " Morning Taylor, you know me up with the larks, its truly wonderful here & if it wasn't for what happen to poor Jim I would really have enjoyed the adventure"
As she made her way towards the steps a man came out of the house.
Man "Hello you must be Connemara, I'm Jacob the Preacher of this tranquil place"
Connie "Pleased to meet you Jacob & please call me Connie.
After breakfast,  Connie, Taylor & Boswel went & talked  to some of the natives, Dufour was inside writhing up a report of all that had happened, while the Weber's were just happy to relax, well at least Maud was, Weber was in a foul mood at  having to await the boat.
Later on as evening was setting in Connie & Boswel were down by the river.
Boswel" Connie very slowly turn your head & look across the river:
Connie" Wow what is it Marco ? "
Boswel" That's a sight very few people get to see, Leopards mostly keep to the tree's were very lucky to be here just as he's come down for a drink "

In the afternoon of the next day a whistling sound brought them all out of the house to the sight of  the boat, while they watch Jacob hitched up a little cart to the donkey & headed for the jetty.
Connie, Taylor & Boswel followed Jocob down to the jetty to lend a hand unloading the boat, leaving the Weber's & Dufour, who headed back into the house to finish up his report.
Maud" At long last we can get out of this terrible place"
With the boat unloaded the man who's boat it was jumped on to the jetty & was introduced to the three as Tim Winks by Jacob before he set off with the first cart load.
Boswel retold their story before asking.
Boswel " Would it be possible for you to take the six of us back to Swatrow with you ?"
Winks " With the boat empty I should just about be able to squeeze you all on-board, we'll be leaving first thing after breakfast in the morning  the trip takes about 7 hours"
As the boat turned out into the river to start it journey Jacob & Nu'um waved fer-well from the jetty.
They watched the missionary go by as the boat build up speed.
Connie" What a wonderful place that is & such lovely people, wouldn't you agree Taylor ?"
Taylor" Indeed Connie indeed"

To be continued ?

As always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to be a film critic your comments would be welcomed :)


  1. Boom! In for lunch and another brilliant Nickel and Dime matinee production! You are knocking it out of the park with your storytelling Frank :)

    *The link to the earlier chapters isn't working as a direct link, you can copy and paste it but I'm sure that's not what you were after. And I think if maybe you switched to a different color other than the bright yellow in the title it may be easier to read - 'Connemara Feeney and Taylor Davies" kind of blend into that white background :) Brilliant stuff though!*

    1. Thanks Ivor, You know the admission price is cheaper for the matinee right ? I've tried to fix the link but computer's & me :( I'll have a look at trying to darken the yellow at some point as I'd like to keep the three colours as I think their right for Africa, any how thanks for letting me know & glad your enjoying the story :)

    2. I just went back and re-read your report but this time I'm on my phone and there is a huge difference in the colors in the title on the phone as opposed to the laptop screen - like night and day difference! The yellow is crisp and clear looking at it now and I have no problem reading the words :)
      *I always post comments from my laptop because for some strange reason when I do it from the phone it always double posts - so we'll see if that happens now, fingers crossed*

    3. Thanks Ivor that's interesting but I would have no idea why it would be the case, no double post you'll be glad to hear :)

  2. Hi Frank, I commented on LAF to one of your links there. Anyway I have now got a Google account so I can follow you here on blogger.
    Enjoyed the story line and the photos complement it well.
    Keep up the good work.
    Cheers John

    1. Thank John & welcome, yes I remember your kind word on one of my aar's, but this story doesn't get posted anywhere else as it's more of a private thing, this is my first time doing this kind of thing but have to say it's been fun :)