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Saturday 16 December 2017

At Deaths Door, Pulp Alley Solo AAR

                                          NICKEL & DIME PRODUCTIONS PRESENT
                                                              Perilous Island
                                                             A story by Dave Phipps at Pulp Alley
                                                                     Chapter 3 At Deaths Door
After arriving in Athens The Blue Blooded A long with Harriet find her Father's friend E.J. Demas tortured & his apartment ransacked, Collins "Whatever he had here that might have helped us I would guess is gone"
Just then messenger from the Greek Customs Authority comes along with a package but seen the place in a mess will not hand it over.

After he'd left Harriet "I recognised the writhing on the package its from my Father we've got to get it somehow" 
Later in the evening.
Collins "Sorry Harriet but there's no way your coming its far to dangerous"
Harriet "But Grace is going so why can't I ?"
Collins "Grace is part of the team & is well use to this kind of thing"
Walking out the door, Collins turn & said "Please just stay here & lock the door after me, we'll be back in a couple of hours" But all he got in reply was a sourly look.
Inside the warehouse, the plot points are a ledger on a create bottom left, watchman top left, customs official top right, watchman bottom right, the major plot point is placed after someone has one of the others & moves within 6" of the centre & passes a cunning check of one dice, its dark inside so low visibility.
The Germans won the dice off & decided they all come in at the same entrance near to the ledger as this was the only PP that didn't move at the end of the turn, the Blue Blooded split up with Collins heading for one of the watchmen & the rest going for the custom official.

Turn 1 Just seen the leagues move in to the warehouse, for the cards Collins got on guard & passed giving him a +1d to shot or brawl for the rest of the game, Grace got no shot which didn't matter & Dowl got missing clue & passed giving him +1d when trying for a PP.
Fritz see Collins through the shelving & fires on him Collins returns fire but is wounded in the shoot out.
Helga heads over to the ledger & finds whats she's looking for.
Collins goes to the guard who & asks what are you doing here? Collins has a word & hands over a little wad of money, what your looking for is over near the centre of the warehouse the watchman tells him.
Dowl goes after the official who had started walking away from them, stop right there he says.
The official lashes out with his case knocking Dowl over as Grace comes along side him, what are you doing she asks  ? we don't mean you any harm we just want to talk to you, oh I see he replies, sorry about your friend what can I do for you ? were looking for a small little create it came here yesterday Grace says, yes I know it it over near the centre  of the warehouse  he tells her.  
Muller seems to be having trouble with his flame thrower.
Turn 2 Germans went first, Brown card on guard auto fail so can't move & has no shot at anyone, Fritz card quirk of faith which remove all other cards & effects undoing all of the BB's good work in the first turn, then moves & shoots Collins putting a wound on him, Hess card hesitation can't run or do any actions this turn, Helga gets ledger PP, Gloup moves to cover her Muller moves & fires blast.
Blue Blooded Collins gets PP Dowl fail PP peril & goes down, Grace gets PP Moore runs towards Collins.
Recovery both Collins & Dowl fail with Dowl going out of the game & Collins still wounded health d8.
Collins  heads for the centre of the warehouse but gets involved in a shoot out. 
With  nowhere to hide or take cover Collins is forced to just stand & trade lead. 
Some of which hits Brown.
Hess also gets in on the act & Collins takes another wound.
Muller then opens up with the flamer but Collins jumps clear just in time.
Its not over for our hero yet as Gloup & Fritz  also target Collins
In the end the fire power is just to much for Collins to handle & he hits the dirt.
Helga heads for a big stack of creates & is spotted by a watchman, what are you up to  he calls out.
Turn 3, Collins card when it counts giving him a bonus on none combat skills, then got into a shot out with nearly all of the Germans which ended with him taking another wound & then going down, Moore card no shot, runs, Grace card make it count giving her a bonus on combat skills, runs but is out of range to shoot.
All the Germans apart from Helga who was busy running, moved and shot at Collins, both Collins & Brown passed their recovery rolls, Collins health d6
In a small rest-bite from the shooting Collins spots a small create & calls out to Grace I think that might be it over there.
Grace & Moore both go over to where Collins was pointing.
Moore finds what their looking for
Helga walks over to the watchman 
And charms him with her womanly ways.
The Germans weren't finished with Collins yet & Gloup moves behind the cover of some creates & fires at Collins, who shoots back
Both go down.
Moore is then downed by Brown dropping the package.
Muller backed up by Hess targets Grace who puts Muller down but is wounded while doing so.
Hess puts another slug into Grace & she falls over, as the customs official comes up the isle trying to find his way out.
Turn 4 Collins card is a perils which he passes and passes a 1d cunning check to get the major plot point on to the table,Grace gets another bonus card then moves to the mpp & passes MPP perils &  gets one success on the MPP challenge, Moore card foul play see's Fritz hit with a perils which he fails & goes down, Moore then passes mpp perils & completes the mpp challenge giving him the MPP.
Helga gets another PP, Gloup moves & shots Collins who returns fire & they both go down, Muller moves & shoots Grace wounding her, Grace shoots back knocking Muller down, Hess then shoots Grace putting her down but taking a wound in the return fire.
Recocery see Collins, Gloup & Fritz go out of the game, Grace passes health d6.
Grace picks up the package dropped by Moore
Who runs at Hess trying to keep  him from Grace.
Hess sides steps him & runs towards Grace opening fire
Falling she try's to hide the package.
Brown & Muller combine fire on Moore taking him out.
One of the watchmen pulls out his gun pointing it a Helga, stay where you are &  whats all this about he says.
Bloody & wounded the Blue Blooded had no chose but to with draw from the warehouse hoping that the Germans won't find the package. 
Turn 5 Grace card sprint, passes the watchman & the MPP perils & passes the MPP challenge, Moore fails card challenge but it has no effect on him & passes the watchman perils before moving towards Hess.
Hess card furious passes the challenge runs & shoots Grace who goes down, Brown moves shoots Moore who goes down, Fritz runs, Helga moves towards watchman passing perils, recovery Grace & Moore fail & all for the BB's are now out of the game.
With the Blue Blooded gone Hess goes in search of the package, I'm sure she dropped it he thinks. 
Relex Helga tells the watchman giving him her widest smile, its over now, that other lot are a group of no goods who were trying to get a package that belong to a friend of ours E.J. Demas  who they beat up & put in hospital.  
With the watchman now taken care of can the Germans find the package before the workers come in.?
But before they can get it, explosions start going off all over the warehouse & Hess give the order to leave.  
Turn 6 With all the Blue Blooded out of the game it was left the Germans to try claim more pp's, Hess fail to get the mpp while Helga picked up her third pp of the game, giving the Germans a 3-0 vp win.
On the harrowing escape table, Collins passed & gain 1 reputation for the league while Gloup failed his but it has no effect.

Designers note, Wow I think that was the first time I ever got tabled in a game of PA even if it was by myself :) but it was good fun just the same, the little intro I added at the start was something I came up with after the game when I realised that the Blue Blooded could have added Harriet (Elaine) to the  league for the game, would it have made any difference to the result ? I'll never know :)
Next time on if it wasn't for one's were off to Soerabaja on a man hunt. :)

 Well that's it for this post, my thanks to Dave  for the script & as always to you guys for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcomed. :)                                       


  1. Such great stuff all around Frank, I don't know where to start! But I guess I have to go straight to getting yourself tabled in a solo game of PA lol! That is the kind of stuff that is straight out of my game room :) You've got some cracking scatter terrain there, can't wait to see what happens with the man hunt.

    1. Thanks Ivor, this blog has it's name for a good reason you know :) I have to say that having played four games in the campaign so far that the solo play is working very well & would recommend giving it a go :)

  2. Fun report, excellent figures and terrain, rotten luck for our heroes!

    1. Thanks Fitz, well they do say that luck evens its self out over time so we'll see :) how is your stuff coming a long ?

    2. Slowly. ha ha
      I have too many different things going on to get any one thing done quickly. My first experiments with what I want to do as far as buildings and such didn't quite pan out the way I wanted. Really just some test pieces to see if that's the way I wanted to go. Now I'm off on other tracks to approach it other ways. That's all part of the fun for me. :)

    3. Yep some times it can be hard finding the right way you want to go, but as you say that's all part of the fun :)

  3. Oof, heavy German win.
    I applaud you for taking the true table result, even if a huge win for one side.

    1. Thanks Will, To do it any other way would be cheating myself but even worse then that cheating those of you that take the time to read these AAR's & that my friend would be unforgivable, so if my butt gets kicked you lot get to read all about it :)

  4. A great tale!
    Our gaming group had lots of fun (and electrocution) in the warehouse, but Soerabaja Harbour was even better.
    Looking forward to the rest of the tale!

    1. Thanks Joakim, the AAR for Soerabaja should be up in the next day or so, but I'm afraid my table won't match the dizzy high you guys set for your one mate :)