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Friday 4 November 2016

Tricol, Jailbreak Pulp Alley AAR

Still no sign of Jackson said Chief Olsan, well it's time replied Lucinda Green so we just have to manage without him, at the same moment inside the building Panama Jack was getting ready to do his bit.
Hiss the guard turned around to see the cell door opening with Jack rushing out & smacking into him, as quick as lightning Jack grabbed the pistol for the guard's holster before he fell to the floor & started shooting at the other guard in the corridor.
Outside things where kicking off as well with the sound of gunfire ringing out all over the compound.
Oilskin who climb up on a platform was unlucky enough to be hit in the leg, leaving him to come crashing down on the guardrail.
We'll have to get one of those doors open to try to get in to help Jack as it was only the cell door Jackson could rig to open, someone called out.
We might need help from one of the civilians Doc Neddle  answered as there most likely codded.
Just then the ground around Felix exploded
 knocking him from his feet.
Back inside the building the Captain came running from his office opening fire on Jack.
Lucinda engaged in a gun battle with one of the guards doesn't seem to notice the Sergeant closing in on her as Father Felix regains his feet.
A guard in one of the watchtowers also shoots at Lucinda despite the fact that his Sergeant is so close to her, as Mr Smith at the edge of the steps gets ready to pounce.
 Lucinda backs away from the on rushing Sergeant
Before turning to blast another guard.
From out of nowhere comes Jackson who along with Mr Smith rush the Sergeant
Doc Neddle is also in the tick of things,
as Jack & the Captain start to brawl.
Mr Smith has a good bite on the Sergeant who'd gotten the better of Jackson
Lucinda who was trying to get the code to the doors from the workman is sent flying as one of the canisters he's carrying blows up.
Olsan cover's a guard in a fiery blanket
Just as the outer door opens, Jack who's still brawling with the Captain must have somehow managed to get it open, what a hero.
Lucinda now over at the side of the building on her way to Jack's aid drop's the Sergeant who had got free of Mr Smith.
A guard rush's through the now open door to aid his Captain
but a backhander from Jack put paid to his help.
Lucinda now makes it to the doorway & calls out make a run of it Jack I've got you covered.
Not needing to be asked a second time Jack dodges out of the brawl & take's to his heels.
Olsan adds his fire power as Jack & Lucinda run back across the compound.
Known that the bird has flown the nest the Captain heto ads back inside, I better inform the Governor as to what's happened get him on the videopict at once he calls to one of the guards, by is he not going to be pleased he thinks to himself.

Designers note, The game was Death Trap from the main rulebook, with the major PP been Panama Jack, the minor PP where the two doors into the building & the two civilians, the game end 4pts to Hermes Crew & 1pt  Von Bittner's militia.

I tried out using little bits of smoke on the weapon's for the first time & am happy enough with how it worked, also after using a blast maker when Felix was hit ( which don't look great) I used cotton-wool which I think worked a lot better.

Well that's it for this post, as ways my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcomed.


  1. Close scrape for Jack.

    I like the use of smoke and flames. Very scenic, and I think it helps make the action more clear.

  2. Thanks Will' Yep he only got out by the skin of his teeth, as you know I'm trying to up the quality of the post's so solo play is great for it as you've the time for adding little things.

    I play a PA game with my son at the weekend & tbh it was nice not to have to take pictures & just roll with the game, so a little bit of best of both worlds really.

  3. Action packed! THANKS for posting. Looked like a very fun scenario.

    Pulp Alley

  4. Thanks Dave, I'm glad you enjoy it.