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Saturday 6 February 2016

Backdrops take 2

Before I go any further I just want to point out that this is an experiment & is nowhere near what I'm looking for or hoping will be the end result, but a guys got to start somewhere right ?
in this picture the distance from the table edge to the backdrop is about 2ft 

For me something that can take for the images when I'm doing AAR's & the likes is the shots that take in things that are off the gaming table & while playing a game these things are unavoidable for the most part if I'm just doing set ups for taking picture's of models or doing a report where there is no game taking place, then it's is very avoidable &  is something I want to start doing.
the kitchen as a backdrop doesn't seem to work very well imo

Now I'm sure I've told you guys that I'm moving my hobby space ? & I'm hoping to be set up in about 5-6 weeks from now, well why not just wait until then to try out doing backdrops Frank you say ?
Good question & here's the answer, as you know I got a new camera for xmas so still trying to get use to that, plus the whole backdrop thing is new to me so I need to learn the best way to do it, it's not as simple as sticking a picture at the end of the table as the crap picture's is this post shows.
I've gone in  closer to the models letting the backdrop go a bit blurry 

Closer still with the backdrop faded down, I think this works well enough for some shots

this is another one I'm happy enough with

the table here is only about 8" from the backdrop

while you can still see the top of the rad cover this picture is one I could live with

shots like this one is what I'm really after, I know the top of the rad cover can be seen but even that seems to bland in, the ripples are just from the way I'd stored the backdrop my plan would be to glue it flat to a board getting rid of the ripples

 finding backdrops can be a pain but in the end the petshop came to my rescue, sadly they only had about 4ft of this one left but as the stuff is cheap it was worth getting even if just for practice, my thanks to Adele & the zombies for taking part 

I did learn a few things from all of this however so all is not bad, but I have a long road ahead for me I think, no pain no gain as they say, anyway that's it for this time as always my thanks for dropping in & if you care to make a comment it would be most welcome, even more so if you can give me any advice on the use of backdrops.




    NO NO NO!

    You cannot up the ante! Those backgrounds look GREAT! I have been using a simple light blue tri-fold piece of cardboard, and now you've gone and made them obsolete with one single post showing how easy it is and how much difference it make when photographing with an actual scenic piece. Damn you!


    Great job! and for what it's worth. I like the background in focus best, but I think that would limit how many times you could use it. The blurred version still looks good and you could use the backdrop an almost unlimited amount of times.

    Your techniques is really breathtaking. Great stuff!

  2. Thanks for the feed back Will, upping the ante is the way forward for us all, & while I might have stolen a little march on you this time your still way ahead in the over all picture mate.

  3. Very cool. Nice use of the backdrop, really must look into that. But first build up my scenery I think. Good luck in your new hobby space!

  4. Thanks Jason, the back drops just add a little something extra I think, as for new hobby space sadly that's looking like getting canned for a while sadly.