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Sunday 13 September 2015

Tricol, Tuco goes on a hunt, Pulp Alley AAR

This time out we have what is a first for a Tricol game (& a new player with a new league) so if you've been fallowing events try to guess it before the end, unless that is your new & if so here's a link back to the start.

All's quite for now at least
News of the incident at the dig site had reached Tuco the bounty-hunter , now Tuco didn't care much about ancient artefacts or warp drive engines, but it appearers that someone was missing & that was something that did interest Tuco, for if there was something that Tuco was good at it was finding missing people because when someone was missing there was always someone willing to paid credits to have them found.
Tuco the bounty hunter
After a little  snooping around Tuco found out it was Tech-priest Darrow who was missing, his daughter Elaine had left the dig site in the company of Aedel Blanc-sec, after that Elaine Darrow had last been seen in Malice space-port the day it was closed down  & has not been seen since, further enquires had reviled that U'bunyu, Elaine's maid/bodygaurd was  hiding out down in the industrial area of Malice.
The plot points with U'bunyu centre
Tuco was ready to bet that either Elaine was hiding out with her or if not that U'bunyu  knew where she was, either way it was Tuco's only lead at this point & as it just so happens other have been asking questions as well, so it might be no harm for Tuco to bring a few friends along to help him in his search.  
This piece of terrain was perilous
The scenario was the trail of clues which I felt was the best way to tie this game into the perilous island campaign that we're playing at the moment, hence their looking for U'bunyu. the scenario events rolls had Tuco's league getting a level 1 follower, with the other roll been low visibility line of sight down to 12"
With this piece been extremely perilous
Tuco & the mutants start the search 

Unaware that the Bash street gang are in the area 

Tuco spots a stander by under a light & heads his way

Mean while the Bash street lads round on some helpless worker offering violence 

Tuco makes some inquires & is rewarded

The gang beating some answers out of the worker & then spot someone else over at a pile of crates

Squeals near by draws the mutants attention  

Been in the glow of the lights Tuco comes under fire but dodges back into the shadows 

The unknown rushes forward coming into the sight of a gang of mutants  

& pays for his foolishness`  

he manages to get back to his feet but is quickly surrounded by the gang, this is the first league I done up to include a gang but its not the answer to the question above  

& brawled to the ground, but not without taking some with him

One of the mutants open fire as Slugger rushes in on him, but Slugger make a dive at him bring them both to the ground

Little Red takes out the mutant know as Bane,

Slick try's to intimidate but gets some hurt for his trouble 

So that's what all the noise was, rats

Witchcraft ? one of the mutants seem to vanish into tin air

Face takes up a good covering spot

& fires on one of the mutants

know as the Butcher, taking him out

Having beating back some foul little critter 

Slick start a questions & answers on the worker with his fist, but can get the right answer

Slugger & Bane square off

& everyone's a winner or should that be loser ? I never know in these double KO fights

Shades try's to ask a question but the rats have other ideas

Kurt who had pulled the disappearing trick returns & gets some lead for his pay 

The rats have a hold here & will not let up

Slugger fresh from his match with Bane now rushes Kurt

While the rats still hold on to the poor worker

With Shades busy with the rats Tuco decides to rush him

but Shades beats him back

Slick at last asks the right question 

But it all in vain as U'bunyu bolts from her hiding place & vanishes off into the night.

Designers notes, first I want to welcome the Doc to the wonderful world of Pulp Alley, I hope you enjoyed it mate, this was Doc's first time playing PA & put up a good fight with Tuco & the mutants against Ralph's Bash street gang, with the gang getting 2 plot points to Tuco's 1 plot point thanks in no small way to the rats who it turned out where the most dangerous thing on the table, the Doc don't like rats.

There was a couple of first is this game tbh but the answer to the question above was that this was the first AAR in Tricol that didn't include Panama Jack & the crew, but don't worry they'll be back as, after all Elaine Darrow is in the care of our hero.

Well a fun action packed post is at an end & I hope you enjoyed it, my thanks to Doc & Ralph for taking part & as always my thanks to you for dropping in.


  1. This was really cool and thanks Panama for teaching Doc new tricks. Game has an Infinityesgue feel to the gameplay but the cards (random and targetted) are a big difference and tbh their randomness adds a lot of fun even if it is a little frustrating when you are hit three times for a 3D6 check LOL. Tuco has a backer now so expect to see our mutant friend on the table when Panama can squeeze him in :-)

    1. Your more then welcome Doc, I always felt that Pulp Alley would rock your boat tbh & I'll be glad to see Tuco getting some outings so I'll be squeezing you in a plenty mate.

      As for getting hit so hard with the cards well the Bash street gang are not know for their niceness lol

  2. Fantastic! THANKS for sharing.

    Pulp Alley