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Tuesday 29 September 2015

Sometimes I paint models

Something I seemed to have stopped do lately is posts of models I've painted (washed) now why that came about I'm not sure.

Now needless to say I'm not a great painter & I would never do a post on painting as in how to do it, but the models don't look to bad I hope & some people like to see models :-)

First up is a little conversion I did for an old work buggy, I can see this getting a lot of use in games & it fits in well with the way I see the Tricol system, something as mad as this right beside a modern day forklift.

 The four guys below I just done up to be NCP's in games, as you can see none of them have any weapons which was something I needed.
 This little guy I just love, squig,s just I don't know seem to always take me back to when 40K was a bit different to what it is to day & I think if I was to do it all again I'd have been an ork player :-)

 Next up are some zombies, very useful models & one's that can be used for all kind of fun games.

 Here's a test model I did for some beastmen, I already have some & feel there some of the best models I ever painted, but they've got guns which doesn't fit what I looking for, the one below is mostly washes & I happy that there quick enough to do & look good.:-)

Below & indeed in some of the picture's above a little jetty  for the next perilous inland game.

Well that's it for me, as always my thanks for dropped in.


  1. Great conversion on the buggy, and solid paintjobs.
    Every time I see the clear bases, I get closer and closer to making the switch myself.
    ...and yes, I love the squig. So many memories...

  2. Thanks Wil, I think the clear base's are the way to go as they don't draw the eye to them unlike a base will on a setting it not done for.

  3. Nice stuff, Frank. You should be an Ork player...once you go Ork... I also like the clear bases.

  4. Thanks Mek, my 40K days are behind me so I miss that boat sadly, but as you know ork's turn up everywhere :-)