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Wednesday 23 September 2015

Hobby Season, one down many to go.

I got the first of my hobby challenges finished just in time for last weekends game, so by finishing one I've now matched last years effort lol, but that is no great thing as last year I was a bit all over the place, where as this year I'm a lot more focused on what I want to be doing both hobby & gaming wise.

Right above is a picture of the first challenge finished but what whet into getting this done I hear you ask ? well the idea behind this one was the closing scene from Raiders of the lost ark, basically a warehouse full of crates.

All the crates all of the time, in the picture above is roughly 250 crates made form balsa wood, the main part of the crate is cut from some 12mmx12mm with the lids cut out of a sheet, so that's 250 of eash of them to be cut & glued together, add to to that that each crate then had about 15 lines scribed into it to give it the appearance of been made up of strips of wood & that's over 3k of them.

Then the shelving units to put the crates on had to be made up, there are 36 of these things in total, but we weren't finished there as I wanted some thing else to add to the endless amount of crates.

Then there was the matter of painting everything, for which I use the dark shade dip, but I didn't dip them as it wouldn't have given the effect I was looking for, so everything was painted with a brush.

I'm sure you'll agree that that's a lot of everything lol, but we weren't finished there as all the crates had to be glued to the shelves, I also made up the wall sections for the inside of the warehouse, so all in all & job well worth a niche on the hobby season belt done list.

Well that's it for me as always my thanks for dropping in  


  1. That's brilliant!

    Fair play for sticking at that until completion, that would drive me bananas. It's going to be a great setting for all sorts of scenarios though. Make sure to grab a few photos of it all set up.

  2. Thanks Paul, it was a bit head wrecking buy worth it in the end.

  3. OMG, and I thought 144 Skulls was insane, thou art crazier than me my friend , you win the Crazy Crown LOL

  4. Thanks Darra, a lot of efford but well worth it mate.