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Saturday 9 May 2015

Tricol, First Contact

We finally get to Tricol, wow it was only about a month's journey  with the damage the Hermes had taken in the worm tunnel yet it's now 4 month's later LOL.

Captain there are 3 ships heading our way helmsman El'Tevy called out, put them up on the screen Jack replied & Lucinda see if you can open a com-link with them, we need to try to find out where we are & where we can head to get our repairs done.

Sir I'm picking up an in coming transmission it's in the form of ancient gothic, I'll run it through the translator, To the incoming ship this is Captain Gustavo Kloop of the federation ship Armoured Might please identify your self.

This is Captain Panama Jack on-board the Hermes, we've been pulled through a worm tunnel & have no idea where we are, also we've taken damage to the ships engines maybe Captain you could be so kind to enlighten us as to our where a bouts & where we might get some repairs carried out, as this solar system is not showing up on any of our charts.

You'r entering the Tricol system which is forbidden under federation law, so either turn your ship around & leave or prepare to be boarded & hand over control of your vessel to us.

Captain Kloop you must know that no captain of any worth would willingly turn over control of his ship, this ship is not a military vessel & as I've said we taken damage which we seek to repair we're of no treat to you & would be more then willing to come under you escort.

Captain let me make this clear to you I do not make the laws but I do enforce them, now failure on your behalf to comply with me commands will result in us opening fire upon your ship & as you have already pointed out your ship is of no treat to us, so either turn round or hand over control of your ship, I'll give you 2 minutes to decide after that I will open fire.

Turning to Lucinda  Jack asked do you think we can out run them ? out run them to where she replied ? that asteroid field to our left Jack answered, Jack I know you like to gamble but to take a ship of this size into an asteroid field is like trying to beat the house.

We've beaten the house before said Jack with a laugh, yes but never when the table's where rigged sir, the ship is already damaged I'm not sure how much more it could take, well then we're really between a rock & an asteroid said Jack with a grin, we can't turn a round as there is nowhere else that we would reach in our life time, & I'm dammed if I'm handing over control of this ship.

El'Tevy take us to the field as fast as this old hulk can manage, once in there I think we'll be ok as their not likely to fallow order Jack, glad to see someone has seance then Captain was Lucinda's reply, I think you've just drawn ace's & eight's this time Jack, we'll see was all he said we'll see.

The Hermes rocked as the first salvo of shot's from the federation's ship's smashed into them, on the bridge of the Armoured Might Captain Kloop wonder how it had come to this, once they welcomed new vessel's, now he was going to have to kill how many he did not know & for what.

As the Hermes raced for the asteroid belt Kloop's fleet set a coarse to try to intercept them, but even in it's damaged state the Hermes was still faster & would reach the field first as long as it shields which where taken a pounding held.

Just as the Hermes was about to enter the asteroid field Kloop sent them a massage, Captain I salute you & your crew on your excellent skills on handling a ship, it's a pity such skills are going to be thrown away so foolishly, 30 seconds later he got a reply, even credits say's we make it.    

Then the com-link died, Kloop thought to himself, I think I would haved liked Panama Jack, take the ships away from the asteroid belt he orded & then send a report to fleet command, what will I report ask the communication's officer, that they where destroyed snap back the Captain.

My thanks for dropping in I hope you enjoyed it.

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