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Tuesday 19 May 2015

Tree's cheap & cheerful

I made up some tree's which I'm happy to say cost me next to nothing, now depending on the game your playing the  set up of tree's can be quite different.

 I want these for pulp alley so they all have their own base, to make them I used cork for the bases, small branches for the trunks & lichen for the canopy's, which to get different colours I just sprayed some of.

 If I was to make a guess I'd say the 12 tree's where lest then a euro to make which is very good value, anyway that's it for me as always thanks for dropping in, below are some



  1. Nice! They look great. I have been buying up cheap aquarium plants and plan to grim/dark them sometime soon.

  2. Thanks Marc, I'll be watching to see how you do with aquarium plants.

  3. You can make some tropical/alien trees by attaching your fishtank plants to your tree armatures in place of the lichen.

    Those are a nice looking little forest you've made there.

  4. Thanks for the feed back Euan & I like your idea of using the fishtank stuff for a different look, it will be done.

  5. 12 trees for a euro!
    holy wow.
    they look great too.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Jeff, yes they are very good value as is most terrain you make yourself.