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Monday 18 March 2013

My INQ28 warband

So with just over a week to go until we start playing INQ28 it was time to get a little warband together.

First up is this little guy who is to be my Inqisitor I've a rough idea of what I want him to be but we've all agreed that would use our first night to do up our profiles as to try to keep some kind of balance.
But I do know one thing for sure this little guy is not going to want to be getting into any hand to nand combat, unlike his side kick who would like nothing more.

The idea behind this guy is to be the big strong dumb dumb of the warband & tbh for someone who love to kitbash he was a dream come true.

This guy really those capture the whole madness that is the world of 40K in my mind.

Next up we've got another strange little creature & what the hell I'm going to use it as I'm not to sure.
but once again its me just haven fun making up something from bits & pieces.

You can't see it in the photos but the head has been replaced with a head off a necron lord so I might use him as some kind of cyber thing.
Next up is a servitor well these guys are always cool in my book.

Besides someone has to carry all the extra gear.
This guy will be a big gamer hunter who has decided that the hardest things to kill are always the most enjoyable.
Last of we've got are religious member of the gang waiting to hose all the wrong doers in righteous flames. 
So that's my warband & i just can't wait to get the whole thing up & running with hopefully some exciting adventures ahead.

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