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Sunday 22 May 2016

40K Death from the skies, all or nothing

Death from the skies the latest addition to 40K & an interesting one, not because I believe the book is something 40K needs, although if you now except that 40K is now 40K apoc & you should BTW then I guess you should welcome the book as it does add to the over all feel of the game.
Now I've got you, but were not over the battlefield yet.

I said above that I felt the book an interesting one & here's why unlike other books of this type that came before even the last death from the skies, this book replaces the rules for flyers that are in the rulebook, could it be that GW have learned that if you give player's the choice that most of them won't use the new rules ?
Someone better go back & tell the Inquisitor that he can't use us any more, well I'm not.

There are I feel 3 thing behind this book & a lot of the other books like it that we've seen over the last couple of years planet strike/  strong hold assault, 1 to try out new rules before a new addition which I believe will come next year, 2 to add more for flyers to feel right in the game in real war flyers are in danger long before they reach a ground battlefield & also to give the different types different roles, 3 to try to sell us more models, fancy them doing such a thing.
Is this the end for me ?

For me I like the book to be honest even though it seems my guard will no longer have a vendetta & can the inquisition still use a valkyrie ? what about FW flyers ? if GW want FW to be part of the game which they do btw then the two need to work a lot closer & no I don't think FW need to release a book with rules for all their flyers in it, just a down loadable PDF will do thanks.
How do I work now ?

Now where was I ? yep the book & that I like it & here's why, 40K is not the game it was a long time back GW have changed it & dragged most of us a long kicking & screaming with them, 40K I think at this stage is more like how FW was from the 3rd IA book, as in they want us playing out campaigns & telling stories in our games & the rules & the missions in this book add to that.

Nan't like old times Bill.

if you think 40K hasn't change much then take another look at the picture above at what was at the start of 4ed for GW a typical 40k army, now do you believe ? on that I'll finish up but watch the skies my friend's because GW knows what way they want us to play 40K even if we do or don't & sooner or later I would guess we'll be using these rules & with that my thanks for dropping I & if you'd like to leave a comment it would be welcomed. :-)


  1. Maybe tunnellers will be next? Death from below?

    1. Lol who knows Jason 40K is what it is & I would guess is never going to return to what it once was which sadly means take it for what it is or give up, thanks for commenting.

  2. Let me tell you about the "model creep" issue we just discovered last night.

    I have 2 planes, my opponent has 3. With 3 planes there is an attack formation that takes away the enemy plane's jink save!

    So, add just ONE MORE flyer....
    no wait....just ONE MORE....
    no wait.... just ONE MORE...


    Love the Vulture!
    I still have mine, and now she has renewed purpose :)

  3. Model creep is something GW are very good at Will on that we can all agree, but to be honest I gave up playing buy the latest must have a long time ago & now only by what I want to by.

    Like yourself I also love the vulture & I can't wait to see how it works now but I'll tell you here & now mate I won't be buying just one more unless I get a great deal on it like the one I have.

    Thanks for commenting Will & that reminds me I need to look for the thunder bolt rules for you mate.

  4. GW 40K Facebook page said to port the Valkyrie rules over to the Vendetta, so I'd assume the same applies to the Inquisition.

    I find myself in a place where I really love the idea of the new rules, but I'm not sure I have the time to expand my forces to actually properly use them!

  5. Thank's Responsible one, I'd heard that mate & you are right about the Inquisition plus any of the IA books, I know what you mean about the expanding but like all 40K stuff you should only expand if you want to & not because you feel you have to imho.