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Friday 23 October 2015

Tricol, building better worlds (I hope) 3

Its a jungle out there, well that's what I'm hoping for anyway, as I push on with the PA campaign perilous island so does Tricol come more into been, for as I wrote in another post way back in the long ago Tricol is a very long term project.
Now I'm still a million miles from where I want to be but that's fine but I am getting closer to the stage where I can start laying on top of the foundations, its easy enough to create characters but they need a place to function in & the campaign is an easy way to get things up & running.
As for the jungle pieces there's nothing done here that others haven't done before me so I'm claiming no credit for anything other them having the patience to make them.

Most of the plants are from petshops, but Ikea is also good & those plants balls that people are hanging up out side their doors are also good.                                                                                                                                                            
  I think these are a very good way of getting good looking cheap terrain & any plants left over can always be used on other terrain project like a park or gardens.  
 I also made up this little building, a warehouse lockup type, I went with the same style of building at was used for the building in Malice.
The name Shoebridge above the roller shutter is one you should see a lot of as Tricol progress's
    What I love about these buildings is their robust, quick to do, cheap & in my opinion look good.    
 So the building of Tricol continue even if at a slow pace but we'll get there I'm sure, now allowing in game terms the different type of buildings don't do much from one another, but what they do do very well is give a very different feeling to the setting & that for me is very important.
Well that's it for me as ever my thanks for dropping in I hope it was worth your while.                          


  1. I like the buildings too. I have been fighting off the terrain bug since I have so much to paint for LVO, but watching your stuff makes it hard to focus!

  2. Thanks Mek, I'm not in anyway bad mouthing GW here but, I did find that when I was playing 40K that I didn't seem to do much more then paint model's, where as a game like Pulp Alley where you only need a few models leaves you with time to do other stuff.

    I guess it just a matter of what you want from your hobby mate at the end of the day.

  3. Very nice. I like the DIY terrain. Setting the scene for game the goes a long way towards making it a great game.

  4. I couldn't agree with you more mate, terrain is every bit as important as the models.

  5. I love watching Tricol come together.
    Do you have a map? I ask because for my own blog, I started to sketch out its geography, and I unexpectedly found that the exercise made me feel claustrophobic.

  6. Thanks Wil, no I've no maps mate but now you've got me thinking.