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Monday 3 August 2015

Tricol, Ice cold Alex

Holed up in Malice Panama Jack was sitting outside of Ralph's place passing the time playing solo chip stones when a bike pulled up & a very lovely lady steeped off it, Hi I'm Alex she said, & I'm in love responded Jack, cute she replied give him a half smile.
High Marshall Alex

I'm the high Marshall for Shin- Tethys & I was wondering if we could have a chat ? by all means said Jack, have a seat the names Panama Jack by the way, I know who you are Captain & I've a good idea for what you been up to since you've arrived in the Tricol system.

Me ? why I'm flattered he said flashing her a large grin, don't be Alex told him my interest in you is purely professional, tell how much do you know about this system ? oh don't worry about giving yourself away Captain I'm not interested in bring you & your crew in if I was I wouldn't be here alone now would I ?

Please call me Jack & why don't we start by you telling me what it is you think you know & then I'll decide if I want to talk some more to you or not, would you like something to drink before we start ? he added.

The system we call Tricol was only discovered a little over 2 hundred standard Terra years ago, if discovered is what you could call it, I can see by the look on your face your a little confused Captain , I know the ship that tried to intercept you are 10 thousand years old, that seems to be a trick of the worm hole that & dis-enabling the warp drive capabilities of any ship that comes through it.

So like I said the first ship's to arrive here was just over 2 hundred years ago while they are from a time when Horus's heresy was raging across countless worlds, there was life here already but it was primitive, after awhile they realised that no matter what they did they couldn't get their warp drives to work so they decided to settle here in this system as there was 3 planet's & one moon that could support life & there seemed to be everything they need to survive.

Haven seen at first hand the horrors of the war they'd left behind they decided that this system would offer a refuge for any ship trying to escape the madness they had left behind regardless of their race as long as they where longing to live in peace & help to aid in the development of the system.

It was decided that as well as a government for the running of each planet there would also be a league of Marshall's who would be responsible for the law enforcement with each planet & the moon of Abydos having a High Marshall, the four High Marshall's would be independent of the government's, meaning that no government could ever raise an army & bring the system to war.

Along with the small moon of Abydos, there's Thalassa, Shin-Tethys & Fineburg, Thalassa been the largest of the planets is looked on a the capital of the system but has no more power then any or the others.

Now after that brief history lesson back to what I came here for Captain you, A ship named the Hermes entered the system on 23/8/207, this ship came to the notice of one of the outer petrols under the command of  Captain Gustavo Kloop, when requested to hand over command of his ship the captain one Panama Jack decided he make a run for an asteroid belt.

Captain Gustavo order his fleet to set an inception coarse & opened fire upon the Hermes, trying to disable it as it seemed the Hermes was a much faster ship, not so long ago this ship would have been welcome & there would have been no need for the actions of Gustavo but things have changed around here in the last couple of years & not for the better.

Gustavo reported the Hermes destroyed as indeed a ship of that size should have been in an asteroid field, two days later there was a raid on one of the mining posts on one of the asteroid's in which some crates where stolen, 6 days after that a fleet of ships arrived out at the asteroid belt to bring back the cargo of minded matériels, it is my guess that this fleet was joined by the Hermes.

On 2/9/207 A ship named the Hermes put into high dock above this planet, the next day there was an incident at a spaceport no far from here, but as it seemed that the people arriving at the port where the victims of the attack the guards after a short spell of questing them let them go, the name of one of those to arrive at the port that day was a Panama Jack, then after that there was a gun fight here in this very town, it would seem Captain that where you go trouble fallows.

A vary interesting tail Marshall replied Jack with a large grin on his face, so where do we go from here ?
I've no interest in you Captain as I believe that all that come here should be welcome as in the days gone by, the fringed look of disappointment on Jack's face at this made even the Ice cold Alex smile & add really Captain you don't even know me, but back to the point I would be very interested in getting my hands on one of those crates & if you could help me I'd be willing to give you some information that might be of help to you getting your ship fixed.

I thought you told me that no one has been able to come up with away of fixing a warp drive, so even if I was who you think I am I don't see how you could help me, true enough Alex said but there has been a development that just might change all that, so if you'll help me I'll help you, what do you say ?

I don't know anything about the crate's your talking about Marshall but when we left the spaceport one of my men had to answer the call of nature about 100m from the main gate on the road to Malice & told me that beside a big tree was hidden a crate in the undergrowth, been the honest people that we are we left it there.

You really do enjoy playing games don't you Captain she said with a laugh, please call me Jack he said once more, ok then Jack she said taken a liking to him despite herself, as I take it that this is your round about way of helping me I'll return the favour, it has been discovered that there once was an advanced race living in this system, & a brilliant techpriest (here's a picture) is working on discovering their secrets but he seems to have gone missing.
Tectpriest Darrow

A fat lot of good then that is to me Alex snorted Jack, it appears your a lot better at playing this game then I am he added with a disappointed look on his face, no hear me out please replied Alex as I now have an offer for you, hearing that Jack gave her a devilish grin which she choose to pay no attention to but carried on, This tectpriest has a daughter ( here's a picture)who might know his where a bouts & she is at this moment out with her loyal helper/bodyguard (here's a picture) on a dig out on one of the site where it is believed this advanced race once lived.
Elaine Darrow


Now unofficially us Marshall's would like you & your crew to go out there & see what you can find out & we're will to fund you to do so, but be warned there are other interested parties & some of them are quite rootless if you take this on we can't help you no matter how perilous it becomes.

Don't worry Alex me & my crew can take care of ourselves, now please let me get you something to drink while we talk over the finer details.

If you've got this far then'll you'll have learned a bit more about the Tricol system as well as a bit about what's going to happen next, more so if you happen to own the Pulp Alley Perilous island book.

Anyway that's it for me I hope you enjoyed it & as always my thanks for dropping in.                  


  1. Still getting mileage out of PA I see Frank, good stuff.

    1. The only downside is I don't play it often enough Paul but yep I'm loving it & with a big gap in between games it gives me a chance to get the terrain ready for the next game so even the downside has an upside lol.

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