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Wednesday 31 January 2018

Blood Sacifice, Pulp Alley Solo ARR

                                             NICKEL & DIME PRODUCTIONS PRESENT
                                                                Perilous Island
                                                 A story by Dave Phipps at Pulp Alley
                                                      Chapter Six, Blood Sacrifice
Collins" Where the hell has Moore got to ? there's no sign of him"
Grace " I shouldn't have left him when he was down, but he said he was alright I hope that thing from the lagoon hasn't got him"
Collins" Now don't start blaming yourself Grace, I'm sure he'll turn up"
Just then a native woman approached them.
Woman" My name is Zome, come quickly your friend in the pit they put him"
Collins "Hold on a minute, you speak English how & who put him in the pit & why ?"
Zome" Yes Professor Forbes he learn me, but that's not important, your friend in great danger he is"
Collins" Ok lead the way"
The plots points are Moore major plot point in the pit which is extremely perilous, a small statue near the top centre of the picture, a strange glowing thing just beside the pamtree, a backpack beside  the rocks & Sgagunia  of which  6" of him  is extremely perilous because of his followers
As Zome lead the way she explained to the group that Shagunia the witchdoctor against the elders of the tribe's wishes  had started to make human sacrifices at the pit of the snakes & that many of the young man of the tribe had taken to following him.
As they came closer they began to hear a chanting
BB's deployed, Zome is a level 2 ally  for this game
The same chanting has also lead the German this way.
The German deployed in two groups.
Hess & Helga head for the backpack
Gloup & the rest of the Germans  move froward & Gloup notices some strange thing glowing on the ground.
 The BB's start to spread  out 
Collins spots Moore in the pit & calls out " Hang on Cliff we'll get you out of there"
Turn 1, As the Germans roll on the random event table stopped anyone from doing more then walking & the cards didn't effect anything so turn 1 was a simple enough turn,AKA nothing happened lol
Dowl at the same time put a slug into Brown, who falls to the ground in pain
Grace not to be out done  brings the pain to Muller
Zome tells Collins to be careful many snakes in the pit
Hess picks up the backpack, while
Helga & Dowl waste lead on one another
Turn 2 Again the cards didn't play much of apart, but we'd a bit of action & Muller failed his recovery roll so is out of the game, while Hess has a Minor plot point & Gloup has one success on another.
As Brown & Fritz take up apposition  to cover the pit

Tentacles from the strange glowing thing lash out at  Gloup 
& with Helga busy trying to get by Shagunia's followers while been covered by Hess, Grace takes off after Zome who has headed for a small stature that she's told her Forbes was very interested in before he left.
Collins decides its now or never & drops down into the pit while Dowl gives him some covering fire
Turn 3 was like the clam before the storm with both sides getting ready for what was to come, the only card of note was Helga's the clam which stopped every one doing anything other then walking, Gloup fell fowl of the plot point perilous went down but passed his recovery 
Helga approaches Shagunia , & lets off a shot 
Which see 'shim & his man take flight

Dowl who's covering Collins in the pit drops Frits but can't reload fast enough to nail Brown who gets a shot off at Collins wounding him

But hero's are hero's for a reason & Collins  take Brown down with return fire
Dowl watching over Collins gets blindsided by Hess & goes down 

Moore" they've drugged  me Delbert  I don't think I can climb  out of here" Collins" we'll get out old boy don't worry"
Collins" There you go, I told you we'd get you out"
Turn 4 The Germans now have 2 minor plot points while the BB's have the major one, the 3 cards where all perils Helga & Brown passed their's but Fritz failed his & went down, Gloup failed to get the other success he need to complete the plot point & was later shot by Grace going down, Brown Fritz & Dowl also went down while Collins was wounded. recovery Collins & Dowl passed while Brown Fritz & Gloup failed & went out of the game.
As Collins climbs out, Helga never one to miss an opportunity fires on him & nicks him 

but Collins fires back sending her tumbling to the ground, suddenly Shagunia & his followers reappear, standing over Helga  Shagunia thinks what a great sacrifice she'd be
Hess  shots at Collins  but comes under fire himself
from Dowl
Grace is now at the statue  & finds a note someone has left
Zome bids Grace farewell & heads off
Collins & Hess put their difference's aside & rush to save Helga from Shagunia
Turns 5 & 6 with only two Germans left where fast & at the end of the game the BB's where all still standing & had the major plot point while only Helga & Hess where left on the German side & had one minor plot point

Designers Note, with the way things had gone for the BB's I wasn't surprised when I roll for this mission that it was one of the BB's which turned out to by Moore in the pit leaving them a man down, so I decided for the first time in the campaign to have one of the leagues use some of their resources & as luck would have it the BB'S had only had one back up point leaving to them having to swap 2 tip off points for 1 back up point to get a level 2 follower, but luck is a fleeting companion as you can see from this game as it was the Germans turn to fall fowl of bad dice & cards.
On the card side of things as you might know I'm play testing some new ones for Dave, so unlike how I did it in the last game which I wasn't happy with I decided to not really go into them this time.

From the story side of things I didn't want to just have some random guy just pop up out of nowhere as we are on an island don't forget, so I went with a native woman who was a level 2 scout & was rewarded I think by this as as the game worked out she didn't have to do anything : )

So for the first time in the campaign the BB's are a head on reputation but are way behind on resources which could play a big part later on, next time it will be the Sinister Swamp which leaves me with some work to do because like the pit I don't want the swamp areas sitting above ground so I need to make up some more tiles.

Final note before I go, I'd some strong words with the cameraman about his sloppiness in catching the shadow of the gantry in a couple of shots near the end, if this in anyway took from your enjoyment of the movie then you can claim a full refund at the kiosk on the way out. : )

Well that's it for this post, my thanks to Dave  for the script & as always to you guys for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcomed. :)


  1. Brilliant Frank! Human sacrifices, pits, what's not to like :) Looking forward to seeing the swamp - and your pit looks fantastic in game!

    1. Thanks Ivor, not wanting to pat my own or anything but I glad I went to the trouble of making a real pit as it just looked & felt right :)

  2. Superb report - very much enjoying the unfolding action.

    Perhaps the looming shadow is an unearthly omen heralding the arrival at some point in the story of some ghastly monstrosity...?

    1. Thanks Idle, good to hear you enjoyed it, I like you thoughts on an impend doom : )

  3. Hi Frank - These camera men - they will let you down when you least expect it. If I was you I'd just throw him in the pit and get a new man.
    The pit looks very good in the game, is this the only time it will appear in the campaign?
    Looking forward to seeing the swamp, it's a continual building site round at your place ;-)

    1. Thanks John, the pits not deep enough mate now if I could fine a bottomless one : )

      Short answer would be yes it is, longer answer I might use it with maybe a falling tree or something across it in another game just to shake things up a bit, yep your spot on about the building site mate, I decided when I went down this road of movie making that working on sets was going to be a big part of it & coming from a 40K background where I played in a club I didn't have a lot terrain, but it all part of the fun but a bugger for holding up production of said movies : )

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  5. Great report! And hip, hip, hooray for the BBs!

    I hear you about terrain building - being fun, but also holding up production of the "movies". I am making progress on some of my terrain building, but it takes time.

    1. Thanks Fitz, yes for once it was nice to see the BB's get the rub of the green : )

      The thing is to keep at it mate & keep telling yourself it will be worth it in the end.

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  7. Great table. It's not often (and certainly I'm part of the problem) that gamers will actually use a hole to represent a hole. It's too much trouble to build up everything else to create negative space. Hats off to you for commitment and execution.

    It was a good mission, and I like your comment about the BB's being ahead on reputation but behind on resources. It means the story is moving as it should. The Rebels never had a Death Star, right?

    1. Thanks Will, to much trouble ? compared to some of the stuff you do this was a walk in the park : ) but yes I do get your meaning mate & it requires a gaming table that is not using a gaming mat.

      The campaign which was designed before the solo play rules has so far worked very well, but without giving to much away there is a scenario to come which might put this to the test.

      I hope your not implying that there a similarity between the Germans & some far off evil galactic : )