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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Tricol building better worlds (I hope) 2

I made up some river sections to go with my board, now I'd many an argument with myself over what way to do this I must say, do I make them up if full tiles or make them up to just sit on top of my tiles.

While this may be limiting in some ways it also gives my more freedom in others, so in the end both sides of the argument had their points, while I was at it I also sprayed enough tiles just what I though was a flat gray but Halford's gray seems to have become a bit more blue since I used it last lol

I also made a few more of the rising sections, & between them & the river sections feel I now have a lot of choice when it come to table lay out which is good.

With the river sections I can now also make up a 4X3 table should I have the need, also a good thing.
  As you can see in the pictures I didn't try to do much with the water, as unless your using stuff like water effect I thing water can be very hard to get right.

So all I did wall after I had sprayed the tiles cream I mixed GW dark something blue wash & water at 1to2 & gave the river two coats.

Well that's it from me as always my thanks for dropping in.


  1. LOL
    I just built a river to use in my next battle!

    Yours is much more well made, especially the vegetation on the banks. I'll have to see about dressing them up before I take final photos.

    Great job!

  2. Thanks Will, the think was that if stuff is going to grow anywhere it would be on the banks of a river.