Sunday, 8 May 2016

Some WIP

I don't know about you guys but from time to time for what ever reason I find myself working on a few different things instead on just working on one thing & getting it done, this is one of those times
So what have you been up to Frank ? well lets take a look shall we as pictures are the easiest way of doing so.

In the picture above is part of a building this will be used as a back drop for the house of Senators in Tricol which hasn't been abandon btw, it just I still have moved to the new hobby space which I really need to do to move on with things.

The cron in the picture is just for scale & no I've not started a cron army it's my son inlaws he left it behind him the other day.

I'll be adding a removable door & an inter hall but I need to get the tiles painted first.

This little gem I picked up in the pet shop a while back & as is the way of things done nothing with it but I had a plan .

Again our friend Mr cron for a bit of scale.

Right so now you know what the plan was, yes I'm making a big rock king of thing out of it.

The used for everything these days tile adhesive been applied, just a little heads up if your  going to put the likes of tile adhesive over the king of insulating board coat it first with some watered down pva.

Ready for the painting table, the last thing is a couple of more tanks for the Vrak's army.

 This will be my lead Russ, it hard for you guys to really see what's done to it when is's just black so you'll have to come back.

Another russ & a chimera, it's good to be getting work done on these as they've been lying around for a long time, well now you know what I've been at so I finish up with my tanks for dropping in & if you'd like to leave a comment it would be welcome.


  1. Frank you have hobby ADD like me! Nice progress. Can't wait to see it all finished.

  2. Thank's Mek, is that what it called ? lol can't wait to see it all finished myself but when it is I'm sure there're will be other stuff to do.

  3. very nice, how did you make the arch over the door?

    1. Ta Darra, but I can take no credit there apart from my ability to keep an eye on skips, the whole door frame along with all the other detailed stuff is from a doll I found yes you guessed it in a skip lol.

  4. Good to see another hobbyist who runs in several directions at once.

    All of it looks great, but if pressed I like the building frontage the best, but the re-purposed pet shop Mount Rushmore is a close second.

    1. Thanks Will, yes trying to keep on program is this hobby is the down fall of a lot of us in the hobby lol.