Thursday, 19 January 2017

On location, The graveyard

Next week for the first time Pulp Alley (PA) goes into the Dublin Gaming Guild (DGG) as the Doc & Dave head off on the Eye of the Serpent campaign with the first game been the one that take's place in a graveyard.
As the finishing touches where been added the film crew turned up so that the director could work out the place for getting the best shot's of the action.
I don't want to give to much about the script away at this point as you never now who might be reading.
 A good while in the making I've got to say I'm more then happy with how it's turned out &
with the building of this set having taken so long it was a good thing that the paint job was a quick one.
The outer walls was painted with the Halfords filler primer & then given a coat of the dark tone dip, while the headstones & statues where spayed black & then before they could dry spayed white, I think the two different colours are complimenting each other & look better then if the walls had also been done the same way.
The stature in the picture above without giving anything away will be the major plot point while below is one of the minor ones.

  So will the Doc find among the dead what he came looking for or will Dave be able to undo his hard work ? you the viewer will of course get to see all the action unfold as Nickle & Dime Production's will be there to film it all.
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Monday, 16 January 2017

Props, tree's & a nice find.

Tree's are something I've been on the look out for, for a long time & by that I mean one's that look ok & don't cost an arm & a leg, so on a trip into Dublin last weekend I headed over to Mark's models.
Now Mark's model's is not a wargaming model shop but more of a model railway & airfix type models, but anyway on with the tree's these where cheep enough to fit in with what I was looking for & look ok if used in certain ways.
What do you mean in certain ways Frank there tree's they can only be used one way, yes yes I know that but like I said these tree's where cheep with the pack of 25 just under 24 euro's so less then a euro a tree. There was other tree's in the shop that where all most that for one, so we need to learn from model railway people to get these cheep tree's to work.
Look at the three pictures above & see if you can work out what's happening ? focal points that how our friends the model railway people do it for every expansive tree there will be lots of cheap one's with the expansive tree been a focal point & that's what happened in the picture's above.

The first one was just of the tree's so you really notice that there not great tree's, in the second picture the camp site is added making the tree's less of the focal point but the picture is from far back so the tree's are still very prominent in the over all view, as we focused in more on the model's & the camp site, the tree's are of little or no interest to us so the fact that there not really very good tree's makes little or no difference.

Next up a box of mystery that judging from the writing on it is something to do with the far east, on a trip to the local charity shop the other day I came across these.
 At a price of 5 euro's I wasn't going to say no & the money does go to help the needy so it's a win win.
These are made of wood with some of them having little chips out of them, like you can plainly see on the hat of the middle one above.
Here again you can see damage on the arm of the middle one, but as I plan to give them a repaint that not really a problem & how knows I might decide to do some more damage to them first.
8 of them in all & as you can see from the picture's nicely carved with good detail.
 Also in the box was this horse, which while seeming out of place judging from the wood used & the detail does appear to be part of the set.
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Friday, 13 January 2017

Some new stars arrive

Some new stars arrived today & Panama Jack was on hand to welcome them & pose for a few photo's.
First up we have some leading ladies, oddly enough I don't remember hiring twins.
There was in fact a mistake in the order with me  receiving two of the model above instead of a 4th different model, I've been on to Northstar & then will send me my missing star.
The model's are from Copplestone Casting's & distributed by Northstar.
 Some more leading ladies this time Bolshevik's
Puffing on a big cigar what's not to love ?
I've been wanting to add some more female's to the cast for a long time & as I want to move into the 1900/1950 time frame now was a good time to start.
Another set of 4 this time the right 4 showed up, Again their from Copplestone.
Jack won't be having all these lovely ladies to himself however.
We a few new leading men as well.
Again from Copplestone this is a set of 3
What the '' why it's all most like looking in a mirror thinks Jack & he's right,
the thing that sold this set to me was the fact that one of the model's had a patch on the same eye as Jack, well I did promise you guys that nothing much would be changing lol & he is my main star after all.
Now for the group shot.

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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Behind the scene's, The Harbour

One of the things with Hirst mold's is that a lot of the time you'll end up working on more then one project at the same time & this is one of them times as like I said in the last post I only get a few of the blocks I need for the graveyard each time, so when I'm mixing up some plaster I' might as well pour some other stuff as well.
Now I didn't go to to much trouble in setting thing up but I'm sure you can with a little imagination see what I'm doing from the pictures, a harbour  is one of those things that versatile & is something that can be fitted into many a different setting & games.
It also helps if it flexible & as is to my liking I've made them that way as the pier part is removable, from the wall section, as you can see from the two pictures above change them from far apart to closer together means that your not using the same lay out each time your making a harbour in a different city.
Having a river flowing out with the pier's either side for it changes everything again, you still have your imagination's switched on right ? good.
That big archway you see in the picture's above is for, tell you what we'll leave that for another time shall we ?

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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Behind the scenes, the Graveyard

I've been working away on the set for the next game in PA's Eye of the Serpent campaign which takes place in a graveyard, but as is my way I want to be flexible with the walls that forum  the boundary, plus a graveyard is something that can be used over & over again.
The set up is for the graveyard to be 18x18 inchs in the centre of the table , as you can see in the picture above the wall of one side is complete & another is two third's done, the plan is to have one side with a slightly bigger entrance, with each section 6 inch's long so as to be handy for storage & be flexible.
When the walls are painted I'll add little bit's of clear plastic to the bottom to help balance them
I got a little graveyard set that's 1/48th but I'm not sure if it not a little on the small size.
The statue you can see in the two pictures above will be the major plot point, while their is also 4 gargoyles that you can see part of in the pictures, I won't say much more at this point.
 What making this set so slow to get ready is the blocks I'm using for the wall I only get a couple of in each cast, but I'm happy to put up with it to get what I want.
As the wall's are only 1 inch high they don't block line of sight, I've since gotten the other two entrance's built & hope that this set will be ready to use by the end of the month.

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Thursday, 5 January 2017


Over the holidays I was fortunate enough to be in a distance  land & is my way I picked up a few things.

The sharp eye'd among you will have noticed I've used statutes before in games & these ones are more to the collection.
Cheaper then buying model statutes & no painting what's not to love about these things, does anyone remember the Golden voyage of Sinbad ?
Nothing say's your in the east more then drakes
so I got two.
Wether used for plots points or just terrain these will see plenty of use over the years I'm sure.
Memorabila that can be put to a good use = win win in my book

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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Nickel & Dimes production's part 2

First off my I wish you a happy Newyear & the same to you Frank you reply, now what is all this about I read the last part & am still none the wiser ( yes that was kind of mean of me to leave you hanging like that, but if things turn out well that might be something you'll have to get use to dear reader, evil laughter.

It's a Newyear & with the Newyear will come the wind of change, Tricol I'm sad to say will be getting blown away on those winds, while it's was something I enjoyed & had lots of idea's for going forward I never really gave it the attention it would need, & beside there are let's be honest lots of site's out there that do that kind of things a lot better then I do.

Movie's I want to make movie's, well not in the real sense of the word but in the whole well way I've been more or less doing things the last while anyway let me explain, things won't be changing all that much you'll still get the same crappy AAR's with the same badly painted model's with the same cheap scenery, ok happy now ?  

Think of it this way, the movie's (AAR's) I do are your typical B Pulp movie's, not for me the Oscar winner's like the Pilgrim over on Between me & the Botler, or the big budget blockbuster you'll find over on Eric the Shed, no I'll use the same bad actor's like Panama Jack & Adele Blanc-sec over & over again & pay them two buck's a day, have you any idea what an A actor like Tom Hanks cost's these day's ?

Right the season behind all of this, you won't remember this but for my hobby challenge the year before this, my plan was to play out the Perilous Island PA campaign making up the terrain I needed as I went along, (see I told you nothing was changing) terrain sets prop's their really all one & the same thing, the penny dropping was Astonishing Tales rule's you basically play out you Pulp game's under the guise that your making a movie, as simple as.

Now there's an idea & one I can run with you might even say that I've already started with the latest PA campaign book holding off doing any gaming until I've got the set build to play it out on, so how many movies/ARR's I do a year will depend as much on how much I need to build.

Like all thing's in a hobby the longer your doing it the more stuff you'll have & then the more you can do, so starting off there will be a lot of stand in's & make believe that the two mud's huts & the wooden pier/jetty is 1930's Newyork only kidding, but if Fu Manchu could turn Dublin in the 1960's into London in the 1930's & get away with it why can't I ? lol & then as we grow as a movie company the more set's & prop's we'll have then maybe some day we can do the big budget summer blocker like Eric the Shed, Indiana Jones was a Pulp B movie with a big budget after all.

So I'm going to be looking for actor's, screenwriter's, an assistance director, critic's  location's & just about everything else, if you think you want in let me know, the pay is bad & I'll treat you crap, this is the world of B movie's after all, but who's know's I might just put you name up in light's some day.

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