Monday, 3 April 2017

What the camera see's

Have you ever noticed how sometimes you don't see a mistake until you take a picture ? I don't know about you guys but this is something that happen to me fairly often.
This was the case the other day while some scenes where been shot for The Heart Stone of Africa.
"Cut" calls out director Merrik Von Stroneim "What's wrong Max ?"
"I'm picking up some red on the left hand side of the step beside the hedging" replies the cameraman.
Von Stroneim goes to investigate "Painter" he calls out.
Luck enough I picked up on this as I was taking the pictures but that is not always the case, I've often not notice things until I've gone to do a blog post & by that stage everything has normally been put away.
With the offending red removed Billy Boyle snaps the clapperboard "Take two"
"Action" Calls out Von Stroneim & filming continue's.

That's a rap for this post as always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcomed.


  1. photoshop/gimp is your friend for cleaning up photos post shoot if you have the time.

  2. Thanks Darra, but that would require me knowing how to use such things, I'll just have to carry on the old fashion way.

  3. Funny stuff Frank! Your presentation on the finding of the red paint was great - as is the entire set up, the whole airfield looks spectacular!

  4. Thank's Ivor, when I noticed where I'd missed the bit of paint & as it was not the first time this kind of thing had happened to me, I decided I do a little post on it in a fun way.

  5. It took me forever to find the painting error you were talking about. I was too distracted by that awesome looking table.

  6. Thanks Will, to kind the funny thing is I only used a very small part of the table for what I needed, the reason for setting it up is twofold, first is to draw myself into what I'm dong but more importantly is that when I start taking photos I don't know what might or might not be seen & while taking you outside of the models world to show you the table was alright this time it's is something I put a lot of effort into trying to avoid.

  7. I didn't see it, you are that good mate !

  8. Thanks Doc, not sure I'd agree but I do try mate lol