Sunday, 6 September 2015

NWG & farewell 40K

Saturday seen me head down to Wicklow for this years NWG, I'd gotten down for a while the last couple of years but hadn't played , this year I'd intended not playing but doing demo games of Pulp Alley, the bast laid plans & all that kind of thing.
One of the fab tables for 40K
The tidal & the above I wrote on Saturday morning while waiting for my lift & never was a truer line written then the last one, with doing the Pulp Alley demo off the table lol I was to play 40K, now I've struggled with 40K for a long time & had more or less throwing in the towel when I was asked to do the rulespack & if I would play.
The Doc's not much of a model & sadly I didn't get a picture of the amazing one he'd brought for me to play with.
So we came up with a plan where my good mate Doc Slow was to draw up an army for me using his models, it was to be a Tzeentch list, well we all know Tzeentch loves change & so it was with an uneven number of players I dropped out, bring to an end for the time been at least my involvement with 40K.
Marines in drag
Now I've had many good days at NWG in the past but never one as fun as I played two RPG's to pass the day, the first one based on the recent Mad Max movie in which I was to play the main gunner on the rig which had a flamer thrower & a gatling cannon, with the memory of the dude with the flamer guitar in my mind, well I no choice really.
Out into the wild's Mad Max style
The second one I was an elf in a gang that for some reason thought it was a good idea to brake into & rob a wizard's tower, they say that laugher is good for the soul & if that's true then after yesterdays day out mine is in fine shape indeed.
It seems they'll let anyone into the warroom these's days
I'm going to finish up with a few thank you's & well done's but as I'm hopeless with name's some of you will have to forgive me, so first the people that ran & took part in the RPG's you know who you are a massive thanks for such a fun filled day.
I know what's in my hand but why's in his think's Brian
To all that took part in 40K with its bad rulespack, to Lloyd on winning the best painted army & Chris on winning the tournament, to the two guys who came 2sd & 3rd & the Doc for been a jammy git & for getting a prize for I don't know what.
Best painter Lloyd

Best player Chris

Also to everyone who turned up & help make it a great day, the owner & staff of the warroom, Darragh from coming all the way over from the Fatherland good to see you again mate & next time your over we'll have to try to get together & roll a few dice.
Velcome Herr Cullan
Last but by no means least Nigel who puts in a lot of effort to make sure everyone that turn's up has a good time also thanks for the zombie's mate but your still a skin flint & the look of pain on your face when you had to put your hand in your pocket & buy me that Lucozade was worth the admission price alone LOL, also as ever my thanks to you for dropping in, there's more pictures of the day
Nigel's hands move so fast their a blur but I can tell you they weren't that fast going into his pocket



  1. Glad a great day was had by all. Great pics.

    1. Good to see I wasn't the only one to enjoy myself & glad you liked the pic's

  2. Cool event, great venue, magic crowd, fantastic day.

    1. Was a lot of fun. Can't believe the Eye of the Gods was on you either! Loved your mug too!

  3. Great stuff Frank. Really enjoyed the photos! I thought the event went really well and as always that's down to those that ran the various systems and who turned up to play. Fantastic atmosphere all weekend.

    1. Thanks Nigel, it the effort you guys put in that draws the players long may it last mate & your right the atmosphere was fantastic.

  4. That was a very generous use of your time to give up the pulp game to ref the 40k tournament.
    Good man. Good stuff always comes back.

    1. Thanks Wil, if you can't help your friends out at need then your not really much of a friend, plus there will be many other times for pulp I hope.