Sunday, 22 December 2013

40k stronghold & other things

While Escalation has been making all the waves in 40k the book that I'm more interested in is the one that was released  alongside it Stronghold assault, why is that Frank you might ask ?

The answer is really simple modelling opportunities as lets be honest I spend more time is this hobby noddelling & painting then I ever could hope to do playing so that makes this book for me the better of the two.

Now I know GW make a lot of these kits already & very nice they are to if you like skulls & Aquila's all over every thing lol but all joking aside even little things like razor wire or tank traps are now more fun as they are more in the main rules as you take them as part of your army.

Funny thing is I had tank traps & razor wire pieces done before & gave them away as they where just sitting there gathering dust, ah well it just means I'll have to make more as well as things like shield generator building & with a new nid dex coming out in a few weeks I might even try build some stuff nid style.

On the gaming front this week so me back in the descent campaign, which as someone who has aways liked boardgames I'm really enjoying as broad games offer a nice change of pace from table top wargaming, one of the gaming companies have I noticed released a firefly game which I'm very temped to pick up as I've a get liking for that show & movie & really hope they do more of them.

Yesterday also saw Darra arrived home for Christmas & as he'd been working flat out on his newest army of boltaction we got together to roll a few dice & chat as we do every time he's home, any way here's a link so you can hop over & see what hes been at.

Bothaction is a game I'm getting to like more & more but sadly is one I only get to play when Darra is over, I might see if I can do anything about that in the newyear maybe pick up the rule book & build a small army it would needless to say have to be the Germans.

So there you have it my last bit of waffle before Christmas & I hope you enjoyed it I'll finish up by thanking you all for reading my blog & wish you a very happy Christmas.


  1. :)

    It might worth picking up the rule book and the USMC army box coming out in january. The marine will be some of the best plastics on the market. If you need to go with the kruats go for the blitzkreig (early war) they might be better sculpts than the generic germans

  2. I was considering getting a US Airborne army (I've been watching the Band of Brothers DVDs again). Mini campaign - Battle of the Bulge maybe?

  3. Lenny we'll have a chat about it & see if anyone else is up for it.

  4. That sounds like fun, if we have others looking to play we could do an Allies v. Axis something.

  5. I look forward to seeing a comprehensive firebase on the table!!

  6. I do as well Mike & have already started.